“Younger, newer” Daegu FC running toward the opening

With the opening of the K-League approaching in a week,  the off-season training of Daegu FC, a professional soccer team, has also been completed. Coach Won-Kwon Choi’s challenge 

to build a team through communication with young players  is an evaluation that clearly led to clear results. Reporter Seok Won met the new and young Daegu FC  at the camp that started in Namhae and finished in Japan  . ◀Reporter▶ The power of Daegu FC to overcome the limits of a citizen club  is the performance of young players. The focus was also on the Kagoshima camp in Japan  . ◀ Hwang Jae-won Daegu FC player ▶  “First of all, I think it’s a good team for me.  It’s not easy to get a chance to join a team from such a young age,  but I’m grateful that I can play every game with the team called Daegu FC  .” ◀ Daegu FC player Koh Jae-hyeon▶ “Since we are not young,  we have to follow the older brothers in the middle and lead the juniors who follow us  well, and since we have a role to play in the middle,  I think our role in the team  will be very important. do.” 메이저사이트

After a long journey from the Namhae to Japan,  Kim Young-joon’s performance, newly joined  from Daegu , was outstanding.

◀Kim Young-jun, Daegu FC player▶  “(Namhae) felt like  he was given such a task to overcome 
such difficulties while preparing for the season  , and although he did not train relatively physically this time in Japan, there was such a way to improve his performance a little more.  I’ve been looking for it.” The healthy tension created by novelty  also applies to the defensive line. ◀Kim Kang-san, Daegu FC player▶  “I am grateful for being able to play with great players  , and now that I have so many great skills  , I think I can play well if only I do what I can do  .” With the opening of the K-League,  you can see what results Daegu FC, which created  new hope through its youthful face,  will be able to achieve in the 2023 season. ◀ Daegu FC coach Choi Won-kwon▶ “Players who have performed well should do more than that,  and players  who think they didn’t get a chance last year  will give them a chance. 

I’m going to make that request because I’m getting stronger  .”

Daegu FC’s challenge, which has finished the Japanese camp,  is now heading for the season.

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