‘Young Player Award’ Yang Hyeon-joon sweeps away, ‘Look forward to the Korean version of Rashford’

Kangwon Yang Hyun-joon, who swept the Young Player Award as the best rising star in Korean football last year, returns with a stronger appearance.

Yang Hyun-joon said he wants to emulate the decisiveness of Man Utd’s goalscorer Rashford, and he is busy training all winter.

Reporter Sohn Ki-seong met.


Last year’s K-League hit product was Gangwon’s Yang Hyeon-joon.

He swept away the Young Player award with his explosive power and dribbling skills.

Director Choi Yong-soo is worried that Yang Hyeon-joon, who became a surprise star through his performance beyond expectations, might fall into arrogance.

[Choi Yong-soo/Gangwon FC Manager: “You did a lot of interviews last year~ You received a lot of awards, and you’re as if you’ve become something. Are you Son Heung-min?

” hit

[Yang Hyun-joon/Gangwon FC striker: “(Do you remember anything about the coach’s days as a player?) I won’t comment on anything famous. Just look at the eagle shot.”]

[Choi Yong-soo/Gangwon FC coach: “That day was probably possessed by a ghost. . Please forget the people and fans~”]

Yang Hyeon-joon, who was recognized as the best rookie in the K-League, always realizes what he needs to learn from Man Utd’s Rashford.

[Soundbite] Yang Hyeon-Jun/Gangwon FC Striker: “I really like shooting. I want to learn how to shoot and run into the back space while doing image training.” 안전놀이터

Expectations are growing as to how far Yang Hyun-joon, who is only 20 years old, will grow.

[Soundbite] Yang Hyun-jun/Gangwon FC : “I would like to say that my goal-making ability has improved compared to last year, and I have improved physically and mentally, so I think you can look forward to it.”] This is Son Gi-seong of

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