“You have to learn to fight against pressure and difficulties to grow” director Sutton’s request 

Lotte Giants manager Larry Sutton gave a message of advice to young players.

Coach Sutton has been praising young players since spring camp this year. Of course, he continues to give advice on what is lacking, but he showed satisfaction with the growth of young players during the 1st camp in Guam, the 2nd camp in Ishigaki, Japan, and the 3rd camp in Okinawa.

However, he can’t just praise ‘you’re good’ or ‘good’. The pressure and weight felt by young players is different between camp and demonstration games. The regular season is even more so. No matter how good I was at camp, there are many cases where I can’t overcome the pressure and show all my skills.안전놀이터

Not just young players, but veterans as well. Of course, there are players who overcome well, but there are many players who do not. Coach Sutton said, “There are players who feel a little stress and pressure, and there are players who feel a lot. Every player is different,” he said. “I became a professional player when I was young and learned from my mentor. I learned that it is important to carry emotions such as pressure and stress. That way you can enjoy it,” he said.

Rookie outfielder Kim Min-seok alternates with Ahn Kwon-soo as center fielder. Director Sutton said he likes the word ‘competition’. Kim Min-seok is playing calmly unlike a rookie. He hits well and runs diligently.

The coaching staff and the club are putting a lot of expectations on Kim Min-seok, a top rookie. Kim Min-seok was the only rookie who spent all the way from the 1st camp in Guam to the 2nd and 3rd camps. It is the heart of the seniors and fans that such a young player wants to do well until the end. Of course, not only rookies, but also all young players who will lead Lotte in the future.

However, there are players who shrink from the pressure in the midst of competition. When you compete, there are times when you face difficult barriers besides fighting yourself. At this time, Sutton’s wish is for him to face with more confidence.

Director Sutton said, “You have to know how to carry on with difficulties. He grows only when he knows how to face and fight hardships. Then he can become a successful player. This message is given to young players. He has to be able to break through,” he stressed.

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