Woori Bank’s 15-0 run in the third quarter continues after winning the regular season

Woori Bank dominated the 3rd quarter and won the game.

Asan Woori Bank met Bucheon Hanawon Q in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball regular league held at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium on the 18th and won 69-44. It was Woori Bank who succeeded in winning 5 consecutive victories by winning the game that day. Even after winning the regular season, he added two consecutive wins and showed his strength. The game was close until the first half, but they took the win with a 15-0 run in the third quarter.

The first contributor to victory was Kim Jong-un. He contributed to the win by scoring 12 points in the third quarter alone. Park Hye-jin recorded 15 points and 5 rebounds, and Go A-ra also scored 13 points to help the team win.

1st Quarter, Woori Bank 19-16 Hana 1Q ; The player who shone the most in the first quarter was Go Ara.
The match between the two teams was fierce from the beginning of the first quarter. At Woori Bank, Go Ara played an active role, and at Hana 1Q, Kim Ji-young played an active role. The team that scored the first goal was Hana 1 Q. Kim Ji-young’s cut scored the goal. Afterwards, Park Ji-hyun and Go Ara conceded, but Jeong Ye-rim added a 3-point shot. Despite a series of mistakes, the defense was successful. Added Jiyoung Kim’s mid-range jumper. However, it was 7-10 by conceding runs to Go Ara and Na Yoon-jung. So, I applied for an operation time.

Nevertheless, it was still the atmosphere of Woori Bank. Woori Bank scored a free throw by Go Ara following Park Ji-hyun’s steal. Afterwards, Park Hye-jin led the team’s attack. He induced an opponent’s foul with a shot following an offensive rebound. All free throws obtained were successful. Although she gave Kim Anna consecutive points, Park Hye-jin responded. Park Hye-jin was responsible for all of the team’s last 7 points.

2nd Quarter, Woori Bank 29-24 Hana One Q ;
Woori Bank and Hana 1Q Woori Bank, who jointly scored 18 points, posted Go Ara’s 3-point shot within 50 seconds of the start of the second quarter. The start was good. However, after that, Ye-rim Jeong conceded consecutive runs. It was 22-20. Then, ace Kim Dan-bi began to play in earnest. Breaking the opponent’s flow with a breakthrough score. After that, he also recorded a block shot and raised the atmosphere. He also scored on a second chance and helped Park Ji-hyun score under the goal. As a result, 28-22 was made. He was involved in all of the first nine points the team posted.

Even after that, Woori Bank’s strong defense continued. He showed strength in the defense below the goal. Choi Lee-sam and Park Ji-hyun blocked the opponent’s goal with block shots. It was the last point of the quarter that Kim conceded 4 minutes and 2 seconds before the end of the quarter. However, Woori Bank also failed to score many goals. The last goal was a free throw scored by Park Ji-hyun 2 minutes and 37 seconds before the end of the quarter. There was a chance to run away, but a mistake and Yatoo hunting caught his ankle. The first half ended 29-24.

3rd Quarter, Woori Bank 49-32 Hana One Q ; Woori Bank Woori Bank, who succeeded in scoring 15-0 with a 3-point shot,
was uneasy in the third quarter. It was because Yang In-young scored a free throw and Shin Ji-hyun scored a breakthrough. narrowed down to 1 point. However, Woori Bank players showed their concentration. With a strong defense, they blocked the opponent’s attack again. In addition, Park Hye-jin and Kim Jong-un added a 3-point shot. It was a runaway score. It didn’t stop there, and Go Ara also added a 3-point shot. Made 38-28. 메이저사이트

Kim Jong-un added two 3-pointers in a row. It was Woori Bank who scored 15 points through 5 3-pointers. The score gap widened quickly. Yang In-young lost the goal. However, Kim Jong-un succeeded with a stepback 3-point shot. 59 seconds before the end of the quarter, Park Hye-jin’s breakthrough score also came out. It was Woori Bank that definitely took the atmosphere through the 3rd quarter.

4th Quarter, Woori Bank 69-44 Hana One Q ; Woori Bank, who succeeded in winning five consecutive games,
started the fourth quarter with a free throw by Lee Sam Choi. Afterwards, Kim Ji-young and Shin Ji-hyun conceded points. However, Kim Dan-bi scored a mid-range score. Danbi Kim added a 3-point shot at 3 minutes and 33 seconds into the quarter. It was a goal that made the difference 20 points.

The score gap widened, but Woori Bank’s offensive continued. Lee Sam Choi successfully made 3-pointers in a row. made a 23-point difference. The score gap widened, and 2 minutes and 8 seconds before the end of the game, the main players were given a break. Woori Bank, who kept the remaining time, won the game. 

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