Will there be baseball in Europe, where soccer is popular?

Among the sports that come to mind when thinking of ‘Europe’, soccer is by far the best.

Leading by the Champions League of the European Football Association (UEFA), all the big clubs around the world are located in Europe. In particular, England, Spain, Italy, and Germany have a league level that is high enough to compete for first and second place, and France, Belgium, and the Netherlands are also building a formidable league infrastructure. The generalization of the culture of playing with a soccer ball since childhood was also the result of a long period of quiet accumulation. 온라인바카라

So what about baseball?

What’s interesting is that there is baseball in Europe, where you may not be interested in baseball at all. The World Baseball Classic (WBC) first round qualifier was also held in Europe (Regensburg, Germany). In particular, it boasts quite a long history enough to hold the European Baseball Champions League. However, the level of interest and level is not comparable to soccer, so it is not receiving a great response locally.

Usually, baseball is divided into ‘American origin theory’ and ‘British origin theory’. Which theory is the correct one is still debatable, but at least there was a story about baseball in Europe. In fact, this WBC round 1 European qualifier has received enough attention to say that it was more intense than expected.

Accordingly, this paper tries to find the story of baseball ‘buried in football’ in Europe. We will tell you which countries are relatively strong in Europe and how each country thinks of baseball.

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