Why is there a clothesline in the Doosan bullpen? Director Lee Seung-yeop also highly praised identity

What is the identity of the clothesline that appeared in the Doosan Bears bullpen pitching field?

The Doosan Bears are having their spring camp this season at Blacktown International Sports Town in Sydney, Australia.

In particular, a lot of changes are being seen in the bullpen pitching field. The feedback process has been strengthened with the recruitment of Yang Eui-ji, and the growth of young pitchers is also being promoted.

At first glance, it introduced a strike target line that looks like a clothesline.

An official from Doosan said on the evening of the 9th through MHN Sports, “It is a training device that sets the virtual strike zone with white lines. It is the result of discussions between the coaching staff of the pitcher part and the staff of the management team.” I am also satisfied,” he said.

This strike target line, newly introduced by Doosan, is known to be a training method that makes it easier for players to understand the height and width of the strike zone by making the strike zone visible. 먹튀검증

In addition, since the height can be adjusted as needed, it has the advantage of being able to freely practice fastballs and body balls in low courses that are relatively difficult to throw.

A Doosan player who went through this training in person expressed satisfaction, saying, “A sort of guideline for strikes has been formed, making it easier to judge strikes and balls.”

The Doosan pitching staff posted an average ERA of 4.45 last season, ranking ninth in the league team’s ERA.

This is a slightly higher situation compared to the 4.26 team ERA in the 2021 season.

As a result, a major change was required from spring camp.

Doosan has a young pitching staff with unlimited potential for development, including last season’s rookie of the year, Jeong Cheol-won, Choi Seung-yong, and Park Shin-ji.

If you prepare for the season by polishing it well like now in spring camp, it is the Doosan Bears that you can expect a sufficiently stable mound operation this season.

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