Why did Lee Dae-sung turn his eyes to the Australian NBL?

Lee Dae-seong, who obtained FA qualification, is trying to advance into an overseas league.

Amid the contract affiliation of free agent players, Lee Dae-seong, who won the top scorer in Korea for two consecutive seasons, is quiet. Because he is considering going abroad. On the 20th, the Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, the original club, announced that they did not sign a contract out of respect for Lee Dae-sung’s intention to go abroad.

It’s not a sudden choice. Lee Dae-sung It was last year that he considered going abroad. In May of last year, the Perth Wildcats of the Australian League (NBL) showed interest through domestic basketball officials. The NBL is implementing an Asian quota system from the 2021-2022 season. Leading players from Asian countries such as Yudai Baba (Japan), Zhou Qi (China), and Kai Soto (Philippines) experienced the Australian League. As the Asian Quarter players proved their competitiveness, the number of teams interested in Korean players naturally increased.

Australia is a basketball powerhouse, ranked third in the FIBA ​​rankings. The league level is also not behind the top European leagues. Ramello Ball (Charlotte Hornets), Josh Giidi (Oklahoma City Thunder), Jock Randale (Phoenix Suns), and Jashion Tate (Houston Rockets) all went to the NBA after experiencing the NBL. 

Perth carefully reviewed KBL and national team match videos and analyzed Lee Dae-seong, and came up with a specific plan to use him as a scorer sixth man. In addition, the terms of the salary were also presented. Perth’s proposal was sweet to Lee Dae-sung, who always had a longing for overseas leagues.

but it was delayed This is because he transferred from Orion (now Day One) to Korea Gas Corporation through a trade. At the time, Lee Dae-seong promised Perth, “I want to talk again because I will become a free agent next year (2023).”

After the 2022-2023 season, Lee Dae-sung actively hired an agent to advance to Australia. During the free agency negotiation period, the manager and coach of two KBL teams directly contacted him and expressed their intention to recruit him, but Lee Dae-seong politely refused, revealing his intention to advance overseas.토스카지노

Two teams are currently showing interest in the NBL. Perth, whom I had a conversation with last year, was missing. Perth are considering signing a small forward. 

There is no certainty that he will sign contracts with the two clubs that have shown interest in Lee Dae-sung. This is because most NBL clubs are in the process of finalizing their rosters for the next season. If the contract with the NBL club is not signed, Lee Dae-seong is in a situation where he has to urgently look for advancement to other leagues such as the B. League (Japan). For now, Lee Dae-sung and his agent plan to focus on signing a contract with an NBL team.

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