When there were no empty seats in the stadium, Kim Wan-jong and Kim Ji-han were on fire.

Kim Wan-jong and Kim Han, born in 1999, recalled the heat of the stadium and said that they were a great source of strength. Fans poured oil on the burning passion of the young players.

Woori Card beat Korean Air with a set score of 3-2 (22-25, 26-24, 25-22, 22-25, 21-19) at the Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 14th and escaped from a losing streak. On this day, Woori Card succeeded in catching Korean Air in first place by showing better performance, although manager Shin Young-chul, Lee Sang-hyun, and Han Tae-joon were absent due to Corona 19.

On this day, Kim Wan-jong, who replaced Lee Sang-hyun as the starting middle blocker, recorded an attack success rate of 81.82% and scored 13 points. He also had 2 blocks and 2 serves scored. Kim Wan-jong, who said that this was the first interview with Suhun after his debut, said, “I am happy that I won as soon as I played as the main player. When he heard that he was going to be interviewed, he was both amazed and awkward.”

Kim Wan-jong’s big success was also a great happiness for Kim Wan-jong’s family, who were watching the game at home. Kim Wan-jong said, “As soon as the game was over, his parents were contacted. He said he was watching it on TV, he said he was proud of me. I was proud that my parents loved it so much. It was a filial feeling,” he said proudly.

Everything is at stake, and the 5th set, which ends in an instant, puts a lot of pressure on many players. In fact, the strong servers of both teams, Na Gyeong-bok and Jung Han-yong, were unable to use their serve in the early part of the 5th set. However, Kim Wan-jong was different. He even scored with a sharp serve. When asked about the time of the 5th set serve, Kim Wan-jong gave an unusual answer. Kim Wan-jong said, “I didn’t think he would do anything wrong. He just thought about where to target,” he said, revealing that he was full of confidence and concentration even in the 5th set.

On the other hand, Kim Ji-han struggled throughout the game to find the rhythm of the attack, but took off with a 100% attack success rate in the most important 5th set. Kim Ji-han said, “I’m glad I won after a tough game against a strong team called Korean Air.” After the interview, I will go and ask for more from now on.” 온라인카지노

On this day, Korean Air’s Lincoln showed explosive attacks in front of Kim Ji-han. Lincoln’s offense, which had been burning fire throughout the game, began to be blocked by Woori Card’s blocking and defense only in the 5th set. Kim Ji-han said, “It was not easy to block because he was a very good offensive player. Still, I tried to block it to the end, so when it was decisive, I got one or two in my hands,” he admitted, admitting Lincoln, who was an enemy but was very active.

On this day, manager Shin Young-cheol was not on the court. However, the players managed to win. I wondered how the absence of a new coach would have had an impact on the players, and whether it had a positive effect on them. When Kim Ji-han asked a naughty question if the lack of a new coach was helpful, he pointed an arrow (?) to Kim Wan-jong, saying, “I think Wan-jong is like that.” In response, Kim Wan-jong smiled and replied, “Because he was concentrating on playing his role aggressively, he felt less nervous than usual.”

On this day, 3,217 fans entered the Jangchung Gymnasium, a new record for the highest number of spectators in the men’s division this season. In the 5th set, shouts and cheers reminiscent of a championship match filled the arena. The two players thanked the fans who filled the stadium. Kim Ji-han said, “The less empty seats are visible in the stadium, the stronger I get. Thanks to the fans, I gain strength, and I think I have to work harder.” Next, Kim Wan-jong also looked back at the heat of the stadium, saying, “When I scored, the fans shouted, so I gained more strength and my passion burned.”

Fans heated up the Jangchung Gymnasium and cheered on the players. Players including Kim Ji-han and Kim Wan-jong gave the fans a great game as if to reciprocate. If this virtuous cycle continues, it seemed that the day when men’s volleyball would rise in popularity would soon come.

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