What is the secret to the amazing reaction speed of ‘beast’ Kim Kang-min in his 40s?

‘I don’t know!’ In order to grab the stick attached to the end of the blue, white and red triangle, Kim Kang-min’s reaction speed did not keep up with his mind more than ever, so he threw the stick and vented his anger.

SSG Landers Field held the match between SSG Landers and Kiwoom Heroes on the 21st. The SSG players, who returned from the Suwon expedition, trained according to their condition. Although he is over 40 years old in 1982, SSG Kim Kang-min is still playing defense like a ‘beast’ with a reaction speed comparable to that of a 20-year-old.메이저사이트

Kang-Min Kim, the ‘beast’ who dominates the ground, started as the center fielder for the 5th hitter against KT held in Suwon the day before. Kim Kang-min, who hit from the first at-bat in the second inning, threw a hot solo shot in the fourth inning and recorded multiple hits, including a home run, in just two at-bats. He was an exhilarating tie score that turned the match into a starting point.

The saying that age is just a number naturally comes to mind when looking at Kim Kang-min. He catches hit balls with animal-like reaction speed. The moment you see even a small gap, Kim Kang-min shows a bodhisattva that erases runners.

Kim Kang-min, who came to the ground with SSG Gil Gang-nam trainer coach, set up a cone about 15 meters away and focused more than ever to hold the stick. The triangle-shaped stick, made of 13 inches, 33 cm, 180 g, blue, white and red, made veteran Kim Kang-min sweat.

The training method was that when Gil Gangnam trainer said a color the moment he threw a heco stick, the player held the color stick until right before it fell to the ground and continued the previously promised motion.

For example, blue = left red = right white = sprint. Baseball, where moving vision and instantaneous reaction speed are important. It looked easy at first glance, but when I heard the explanation from the road trainer I met after training, it was a training that even pros find difficult.

Kang-Min Kim, who struggled in the beginning, took out his anger by throwing his stick when his body did not follow his heart. After several repetitions, Kim Kang-min, who obtained a satisfactory result, held on to his waist and acted harsh. Following Kim Kang-min in his 40s, Jeon Uisan in his 20s also digested reaction speed training using Hecostick.

It was a difficult training that required body vision and reaction speed to the extent that even a person in their 20s would struggle. There was tremendous effort behind the hohobi of Kim Kang-min, the ‘beast’ who dominates the SSG outfield.

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