“We will show ‘winning baseball’ through meticulous team play”

Interview with Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop

“I don’t agree with the concerns of ‘inexperienced manager’ I
will pursue strategic baseball, not fake baseball
‘Best catcher’ Yang Eui-ji will
set a goal for 2023 when a team color that stimulates the team comes out”

Directly after player retirement, coach position stitched No leadership experience. It was evaluated as a ‘unconventional choice’, but the voices that made it a problem were not loud. This is because it was Lee Seung-yeop (46), the national hitter, who was appointed as the manager without taking the coaching course.

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop, who met with the Segye Ilbo last month at the Bears Park clubhouse in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province, was full of confidence. Coach Lee said, “I don’t want to agree with the saying that I can’t do well because I don’t have experience,” and said, “I have things that other coaches don’t have, so I’ll focus on the winning side and play the season.” He then emphasized, “The director is always responsible,” and “It’s burdensome, but I’ll tell you as a result.”

Regarding the feeling of meeting the team for the first time as a manager, Lee looked back, saying, “I approached the players as they are because I am not good at holding weight,” and “I did not feel distant because I watched (Doosan) while commenting.”

Then, how about Lee Seung-yeop’s baseball? Director Lee plans to pursue strategic baseball and detailed baseball. Manager Lee said, “You might think that even if you became a manager, you would play ‘puff baseball’ just because you were a player who hit one shot, but that’s not the case.”

When former manager Kim Tae-hyung took office, Doosan presented free agent Jang Won-joon for 8.4 billion won in 4 years, which served as a foundation for the construction of the dynasty. Director Lee also received Yang Eui-ji for a total of 15.2 billion won as an inauguration gift. Director Lee said, “Yang Eui-ji is the best catcher representing the KBO League,” and expected, “It will give good stimulation to both Doosan pitchers and fielders.” 토토사이트

However, Doosan is a team that barely escaped last season. It is difficult to improve grades at once even if you recruited a new manager and even the largest free agent. Coach Lee said, “I can’t say that I will win the championship or advance to fall baseball, but of course I will play a winning game.” .

Regarding the reason why Doosan, which advanced to the Korean Series for 7 consecutive years, stayed in the lower ranks last season, Lee analyzed that “the players who needed to do were sluggish.” He said, “The main players like Jeong Soo-bin and Kim Jae-hwan were not able to do their part,” he said.

Lee Jong-beom, the son of LG coach Lee Jong-beom, who enjoyed an era side by side, and Lee Jung-hoo, Kiwoom, won the league’s MVP in the 2022 season and even declared advancement to the major leagues (MLB). Maybe I’m jealous I carefully asked director Lee, who has three sons, about the possibility of appearing in ‘Ryan Prince’. Director Lee said, “Rather than playing inside the house, it would be better if the three brothers played baseball with friends outside, fell down and rolled on the dirt, held hands and lifted the ball, and moved the ball together. I’m only two years old, so I don’t know,” he laughed.