Virtual ‘Super League’, Kim Min-jae’s Napoli is at least ‘top 10’

If you watch a soccer game, noteworthy phenomena often stand out. There are times when a player who shines exceptionally appears, and there are times when the underdog team becomes a ‘breakout force’. <Best Eleven> intends to analyze this phenomenon with data by collaborating with <Alpha Ball>, a data analysis service of Team Twelve. It is ‘11.5 Lab (Laboratory)’ where Eleven (11) and Twelve (12) met. Team Twelve team leader Kim Dong-hyun ( and reporter Cho Young-hoon wrote it together. <Editor’s Note>

The possibility of establishing a so-called ‘new’ Super League is on the rise. A22 Sports Management, which led the creation of the Super League, had a legal battle with the European Football Federation (UEFA) and the European Court of Justice, and the embers were revived as it ruled that victory was highly likely. The goal of the new Super League is that a total of 60 to 70 teams will participate and guarantee at least 14 games.

We analyzed the data of some of the brightest teams in the five major leagues: English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, and French Ligue 1. SSC Napoli, where Kim Min-jae belongs, was included in the top 10 in most indicators.

The goal difference is Bayern’s highest

score minus the number of goals conceded. The team with the highest goal difference is Bayern Munich. Most goals scored among the top 5 league teams. On the surface, it seems to be the most stable team, but the league situation is subtle. It is only 1 point difference with League 2nd place Union Berlin. It is followed by Paris Saint-Germain and Napoli.

xG 1st, Paris Saint-Germain

Expected goal (xG) is the sum of the probabilities of a goal taking into account various situations when a player shoots.

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) recorded the highest score with 49.2. It is predicted that he would have scored more than 49 goals, but in reality he scored more than expected with 54 goals. Most of the teams on the list have scored more goals than xG, with Napoli scoring a whopping 11 more and Munich scoring around 16 more.

For a team with strong defense, Barcelona

Expected Goals (xGA) is the opposite of xG, and is a value that predicts how many goals a team will concede. In other words, the lower the score, the stronger the defense.

Barcelona are the best defensive team in Europe. The actual number of runs is also 7, which is the only single-digit score. Next, Jose Mourinho’s AS Roma ranked second. However, actual losses were higher than expected. Napoli also has a solid defense. I made fewer mistakes than expected. It is a proof that the concentration of the final defender and goalkeeper is excellent.

In terms of defense, there are four Spanish La Liga teams in the top 10. 1st, 2nd, 4th place. This is probably the most defensive league in the league.

How did you drop out of UCL?

We compared the offense and defense balance based on xG and xGA. It is the value obtained by subtracting the latter from the former. 

The data says that Barcelona is the best team in offense and defense as well as defense. Bayern, who previously topped the table on goal difference, fell behind in the standings. Manchester City appear to have a better balance of offense and defense than Arsenal, but their actual ranking is lower. 

In the top 10, 3 teams were included in Serie A, making it a league with many teams with the best balance.

Which team has the highest pass rate?

The absolute number of passes is not an important factor in winning or losing. However, having a lot of passes means that you are leading the game, and you can play the game however you want. In fact, the teams that rank first in each league have a lot of passes.

PSG, which boasts overwhelming power in the league, has risen to the top, but it cannot be seen as just a league-level influence. Four teams from League 1 were included in the top 10.

A long pass that is covered and blown away is an incorrect answer. A

long pass is powerful. It is a powerful weapon that can destroy an opponent at once by flying into an exquisite space. Conversely, if the accuracy is low, it is caught by the opponent’s defense and gives the initiative. It’s a ‘double-edged sword’, so it’s important how well you use it.

Among the so-called strong teams, Liverpool FC and AC Milan stand out. The fact that there are many attempts means that chances are rarely created with short passes, and the rankings of the two teams prove this in practice. Liverpool 10th, Milan 6th. 바카라

Conversely, if you look at the success rate,

let’s look at the long pass success rate this time. Familiar teams are on the roster. The losers of the league stand out, but it means that it is important for teams aiming for the championship not how many attempts they make, but how effectively they use them. 

In general, it is difficult to exceed 60% of the aerial competition index, no matter how good it is. Therefore, if the long pass success rate exceeds this, it means that when using the long pass, avoid competition as much as possible and deliver it to your colleagues. In other words, it means that the space is also well made.

Real Madrid, Ruler of the Air The

team with the highest aerial competition win rate is Real Madrid. The aerial competition win rate is 58.6%. There are not many absolute attempts per se. Based on this success rate, it can be seen that it is an attempt for an aerial competition in a certain situation.

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