Veteran Hwang Yeon-joo’s brilliant performance’… Hyundai E&C wins 5 consecutive wins over Ginseng Corporation

Hyundai E&C, the leader of the women’s professional volleyball team, won 5 consecutive victories by defeating Ginseng Corporation.

In the men’s division, Woori Card defeated Korean Air despite the bad news that the coach and players were missing due to Corona 19.

This is reporter Lee Ji-eun on the sidewalk.

Hyundai E&C gave up the first set after being blocked by Elisabeth and Jung Ho-young.

But from the 2nd set, I started to find the flow. 스포츠토토

[Relay broadcast commentator: Hwang Yeon-joo ready! going! It came out right.]

Hwang Yeon-joo, a veteran striker who replaced Yasmin, who was out due to injury, showed his skills as good as he did in his prime with 20 points, the highest score in the team.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction, where Yang Hyo-jin and Lee Da-hyun were equally active, ran 5 consecutive wins, while Ginseng Corporation lost 4 consecutive times. [ Dahyeon

Lee / Middle Blocker of Hyundai E&C: Since there is no Yasmin, the older sisters say not to be pushed back in the defensive fight, but I think the combination with blocking is important, so I keep the blocking course so that it is easy to defend.]

Woori Card

defeated leading Korean Air in front of the largest number of spectators this season despite bad news.

Six deuces followed in the 5th set, but Na Kyung-bok and Park Jun-hyeok’s successful attacks brought a valuable victory.

This is Jieun Lee from YTN.

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