USGTF Pro Jong-Hoon Lee aspires to be the leader in ‘Imjinhan Kids’

Lee Jong-hoon (41), who was selected as one of the top 10 leaders of the USGTF KOREA at the end of last year, turned to golf after suffering a knee injury while dreaming of becoming a national taekwondo player. He is a leader who is walking a similar path to professional Kong Young-jun, who is currently active on the KPGA Champions Tour. Pro Gong is an outstanding figure who became a professional golfer after serving as the U.S. national taekwondo representative.

Standing 182cm in good physical condition, this professional was active as a taekwondo athlete until her sophomore year at Gyeonggi Physical Education High School, before turning to golf after injuring her knee. It was the time when Pak Se-ri, the “Queen of Golf”, created a sensation on the LPGA tour. The pro, who picked up a golf club at the recommendation of his father, said he was not very interested at first. It was only natural that he encountered static golf while doing Taekwondo, which had a lot of activity.

However, after he became an adult, he began to see golf again. I tied the laces of my golf shoes again while watching the golfing classmates one by one become pros. Because he has the personality to see the end of anything, he set a goal of passing the 2007 pro test and devoted himself to practice. However, the professional wall was high and I had to think about my career path due to repeated failures.

Eventually, after getting a job at an insurance company, this professional discovers a new talent while giving lessons to business partners or club members at work. World-class instructors such as Butch Harmon and David Leadbetter are not famous pros who have won the PGA Tour, but they are people who have formed a family in the field of lessons.

Pro Lee begins his second golf career in Yeosu, the hometown of his wife (Bong-Hee Bae). After moving from Suwon to Yeosu in 2014, the pro joined nine golf clubs to soothe her loneliness in a strange land. Except for the time at work, most of the time was with golf. In Yeosu, he gave advice to club members from time to time and was recognized as “good at giving lessons,” and eventually got a job for life.

This pro, who started lessons at the recommendation of a club member who runs a golf driving range, took the USGTF test in 2018 to strengthen her professionalism and passed with excellent grades. Currently, ‘QED 2% Golf Academy’ with 170 members is being operated in Ungcheon New Town, Yeosu. It is a 160-pyeong full-screen practice field with 13 at-bats and a separate lesson room for private lessons. 카지노

This pro is so busy that her lessons are tightly packed from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. It is the first in Yeosu to introduce and operate reservation-based lessons. The QED system is popular, and since the golf ball is marked, it is possible to determine the exact ball quality and distance.

There are also episodes related to lessons. I played a round with a member who said that he could hit in his early 80s if he caught a driver, and gave mulligans to all his driver shots. The result is the same. In the end, the member knew exactly what his problem was, and under the guidance of this pro, he devoted himself to short game and putting training, and now maintains a score in the early 80s.

This pro has tips for weekend golfers. For weekend golfers who don’t often go out on the field, one round is inevitably precious. In order not to ruin this precious round, you must first understand your pitch. When he hits 10 times on the practice field, he has to believe in pitches that come out 70-80% and aim. Second, practice 10-30m approach shots thinking I will always be off the green. The third putt is to put, not put. Finally, don’t stress. As golf is a race against time, you should enjoy it and believe that you will return to your skills in a few years based on your current experiences.

Lee is currently running a YouTube channel called ‘Lee Jong-hoon’s 2% Golf’, which boasts 88,400 subscribers. Lessons are provided for each category, from driver shots to iron shots and putting. In addition, various content such as interviews with ama masters are prepared for lessons by age and gender. This program’s dream is to become a master in the lesson world representing Korea, like a professional who has already reached 100,000 and 200,000 subscribers in the future.

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