Toronto bats, how did they do it? Ryu Hyun-jin did his job until the 6th inning against the ‘best hitters’

July 13, 3-6 loss at home to Texas
Ryu Hyun-jin gives up 3 runs on 5 hits in 6 innings in loss

Texas leads the American League in batting average (.266) and runs scored (793). This is arguably the most potent offense that Ryu (36-Toronto) has faced since returning from injury.

On the other hand, the Toronto lineup is arguably the worst it’s been all season. Matt Chapman, Danny Jansen, and Brandon Belt are out with injuries, while Bo Bissett has been in and out of the lineup and has yet to return to full strength. The once dominant Whit Merrifield has also been on the decline.

While the two teams are still in the wild card race, there is a clear difference in their current strength. Toronto didn’t score a single run while Ryu was on the mound today. It’s hard to see how he’s been able to get to this point in his career (80-65 on the season with a .552 OPS) with such a watery bat.

Nevertheless, Ryu did his part by staying on the mound until the sixth inning. His corner work was better than usual, and his home run to Robbie Grossman in the fourth inning (85.7 mph, 138 km, cutter) wasn’t a mistake – it could have been a little more body on it, but the batter was looking for a changeup and hit it well.

I’m sure Ryu and the Toronto coaching staff knew they had to be careful with Marcus Simeon and Corey Seager, their No. 1 and No. 2 hitters. Simeon was able to keep all three of his at-bats in check, but he gave up two hits to Seager.

But Seager’s hits weren’t exactly well placed either: a fourth-inning single to center rolled off the side of the second base bag as Toronto second baseman Davis Schneider shifted his fielding position to right. His sixth-inning double was also missed by right fielder George Springer, who was too far back along the right field line. Seeger was lucky to get a hit.

As I’ve said many times, the Toronto offense needs Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to come through when it counts. Once again, he went 1-for-4 with a walk and a strikeout, including two outfield singles. Guerrero’s performance will have a major impact on the remainder of the regular season and the wild card race for Toronto.메이저놀이터

/Kim In-sung, advisor to the KBO Commissioner and former national team manager

Kim In-sung, advisor to the president of the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO), has earned the nickname “The People’s Manager” for his leadership in turning South Korean baseball into a global powerhouse. In addition to Korean baseball, he is also familiar with Major League Baseball (MLB). As manager of the World Baseball Classic (WBC), he faced some of MLB’s biggest stars and continues to watch and analyze MLB games to this day.

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