There is no problem with RYU’s position, the command tower is half-colored “I’m recovering well, I’ll be selected when I come back”

The rehabilitation process of Ryu Hyun-jin (36, Toronto) is going smoothly. The command tower also smiled.

The Toronto Sun said on the 17th (Korean time), “I may be optimistic at this point, but Toronto is hoping Hyun-Jin Ryu will throw again.”

Ryu Hyun-jin joined Toronto at the end of 2019 after signing a 4-year, 80 million dollar (approximately 100.8 billion won) contract. He played a central role in the starting lineup for his first two years. In 2020, his 60-game shortened season, he went 5-2 with an ERA of 2.69, ranked third in the Cy Young Young, and won 14 victories the following year as well. 카지노사이트

However, after only six games in the 2022 season, he complained of elbow pain, and eventually underwent Tommy John surgery (elbow ligament joint surgery) in June and was out of the season. During his rehabilitation period, he returned home later than usual, and his departure was much earlier. He returned home at the end of November and departed for the United States at the end of December.

And he appeared on the first day of spring camp. It shows his will to come back. Ryu Hyun-jin is working hard with the goal of July.

Toronto coach John Schneider, who saw Ryu Hyun-jin, was also pleased. He said, “Ryu Hyun-jin has been devoted all this time. He tried to come back as soon as possible and is recovering well. He is already stronger and feels that he is in a good situation.” I’m just happy about it,” he said.

The media looked at, “Director Schneider said, if Ryu Hyun-jin returns, he will be a few months later, but he will be in charge of one axis of the rotation.”

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