The trust and encouragement of the team that caused ‘survival performance’ Han Seong-jeong

As Han Seong-jeong’s performance revived, the ideal figure drawn by KB Insurance was completed.

It is the effect of the player’s will to stand up again and the encouragement of the team who trusted and waited for him.

KB Insurance defeated Korean Air with a set score of 3-0 (25-18 26-24 25-19) in the men’s round 4 home game of the ‘Dodram 2022-23 V-League’ held at Uijeongbu Gymnasium on the 24th.

The protagonist of the victory is, of course, Andres Vijena (registered name Vijena). He dominated the game, scoring 26 points against his home team.

However, the performance of outside heater Han Seong-jeong cannot be overlooked. He did his part with a 10-point attack success rate of 56%. Thanks to Hwang Kyung-min (10 points) also scoring double-digit points, Villena’s attack burden was reduced.

Han Seong-jeong, whose performance has declined recently. In the match against OK Financial Group on the 17th, he was pushed by Hong Sang-hyuk and Bae Sang-jin and could not step on the court.

It was shocking because it was Han Seong-jeong, who had endured despite numerous competitions for starting positions.

Han Seong-jeong said, “After the game at the time, in a conversation with the coach, I said, ‘I’m working hard, but I’m stressed because it doesn’t work out well.’ I wanted to repay the director who gave me,” he said.

Han Seong-jeong sweated in practice, giving up rest days to recover her performance. His colleagues were also aware of his efforts and did not hesitate to encourage him.

Han Seong-jeong said, “The coach trusts me, (Hwang) Kyung-min, and (Hwang) Taek-eui a lot. He also said that we should lead the team.” I will do my best,” he promised. 안전놀이터

Han Seong-jeong helped setter Hwang Taek-eui, who has a bad back, minimize the movement by receiving 17 serves without any errors.

Thanks to Hwang Taek-eui’s stable receiving, he was able to easily distribute and connect the ball despite his injury.

Han Seong-jeong said, “I tried to make Taek-ui move as little as possible, but I’m sorry that it didn’t work like my heart.”

Hwang Taek-eui also replied, “Thanks to Seongjeongi’s good reception, I was able to lift the ball comfortably.”

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