“The top 3 this season are LG, KT and Doosan” Commissioner Lee Soon-cheol’s 2023 10 team map

SBS commentator Lee Soon-cheol uses the most direct speech method among professional baseball expert groups. Rather than using careful expressions while weighing back and forth, he tends to reveal his convictions without hesitation. It is also the ‘charm’ of former director Lee Soon-chul of ‘commentator’.

It is the time when the professional baseball team has just started spring camp. It is not yet time for the 10 teams’ season patterns to come out from various angles through various experts. There are still elements that need to be checked by clubs, including new foreign players under the veil.

However, even after the Stove League has been sorted out and the lineups of each team are somewhat organized, it is possible to make an appropriate level of prediction. Commissioner Lee Soon-chul, who is scheduled to leave for Arizona on the 17th, diagnosed this season’s game as ‘3 strong, 4 weak, 3 weak’ based on the current point on the 7th. The most notable thing in Lee’s analysis was putting Doosan, which fell 9th ​​last year, into the ‘Top 3 Group’.

■Doosan in the top 3

In a telephone interview with a reporter, Commissioner Lee put Doosan in the top 3 along with LG and KT. This year, the flow will change if two foreign pitchers play a role in the starting lineup.” He also predicted, “The addition of Yang Eui-ui will affect both the air and defense, so it will be different from last year.”

Member Lee predicted that Doosan, which was newly led by manager Lee Seung-yeop, would fill the gap in last year’s power and create the power of Plus Alpha.

In fact, Doosan suffered difficulties from the starting lineup last year when foreign ace Ariel Miranda could hardly play due to injury. Robert Stark, who played the role of an ace, had a WAR (contribution to victory over substitutes) of 1.00, and the WAR of substitute foreign pitcher Brand Waddell was 1.07, which was far from the expected value. Doosan recruited Raul Alcantara and Dylan Pyle, who returned from Japan, as new foreign pitchers this year. 온라인바카라

LG and KT are top-notch power no matter who sees it. LG recorded a win rate of 0.613 last year despite the absence of foreign batters last year, and KT is the 2021 season champion, and unlike last year, if only Kang Baek-ho, the main gun, is operating normally, a solid race is expected in both air and defense.

■SSG that fell into quadruple

This member classified SSG, Kiwoom, Lotte, and KIA into quadruple. The reason why defending champion SSG was put down to 4 is because of the weakness of the bullpen. SSG won Wire-to-Wire last year, but struggled in the last 50 games with a bullpen ERA of 5.13, falling to 7th place. Moreover, Kim Taek-hyung and Jang Ji-hoon, who were key members of the bullpen, enlisted in the military.

Even with Kiwoom, Commissioner Lee paid attention to opaque variables rather than power reinforcement factors. “It is uncertain whether Kim Jae-woong will do as well as last year in the bullpen, and if Eric Yokishi and Ahn Woo-jin are excluded from the starting lineup, there are many variables in other positions,” he pointed out. Also, regarding Lotte, he pointed out, “We need to see how the defense, which is a weakness, will be this season, and manager Sutton’s management is also one of the variables.” Regarding KIA, “We need to see when Jang Hyun-sik, the set-up man who is in rehabilitation, will join us, but the bullpen is likely to be the ‘key’ for KIA. There is room for the bullpen to be weak,” he said.

3 drugs are Samsung, NC, and Hanwha

Member Lee pointed out last year’s lowest-ranking Hanwha, Samsung, and NC as the top three. Regarding Samsung, he pointed out the weak pitching staff. “Two foreign pitchers (Buchanan and Suarez) are fine, but there is a limit to holding out only as a foreign pitcher. Both the starting staff and the bullpen have questions.” Regarding NC, he said, “There are too many uncertain factors as foreign one-two punches, including Yang Eui-ji and Luchinski, have disappeared.” Regarding Hanwha, he said, “We have to open the lid, but how much the reinforcement section will increase the team power.” I guess I need to see more. “There still seems to be a limit to climbing a lot,” he said.

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