The reason why Buil Girls’ Middle School is expected to be in 2023

Buil Girls’ Middle School, which boasts a tall stature, is determined to win. 

Buil Girls’ Middle School in Incheon has a lot of players going in and out. As the basketball team of Myeongshin Girls’ High School, which was an upper-level affiliated school, was disbanded, the players of Buil Girls’ Middle School were divided into Inseong Girls’ High School, Daejeon Girls’ High School, and Sangju Girls’ High School. Excluding Inseong Girls’ High School located in Incheon, if you want to go to another school, you inevitably have to transfer, which inevitably results in power loss. 

Last year alone, three players left the team due to problems such as going to high school. It’s not as much as the number of players leaving, but it’s encouraging that there are players joining the Buil Girls’ Middle School basketball team. 

Currently, a total of 8 students, including 4 3rd year students, 3 2nd year students and 1 1st year student, are exercising at Buil Girls’ Middle School. This year, they are sweating with the determination to show a different side of themselves. Compared to other schools, they also have the advantage of being taller. 

Coach Park Seong-wook said, “The big players are about 174cm, 180cm, 185cm, and 187cm. I started exercising late, so I lack basic skills, but I have a strong will to do it. I am learning the basics and the sense of the game while doing physical training.” 

Next, he introduced the basketball that Buil Girls’ Middle School should show in 2023. Coach Park said, “As my height grew, my speed decreased. It would be nice if I could make a fast attack, but if I can’t, I have to go into a set offense. You must definitely win the height battle through pattern play. In defense, we want to show organic movement while playing call play. We will have to focus on defense, take rebounds, and play basketball that creates easy chances.” 

With the expectation of a double post made up of players taller than 185 cm, we heard about a player preparing for a position change this year. The captain, Kim Min-jo, a 3rd grader, and Lee So-hee, who transferred from Chuncheon last year, are the targets. 

Coach Park said, “(Kim) Minjo is the player with the longest pitch. Since he was in first grade, he has played consistently, mostly as a forward. This year, due to team circumstances, Minjo has to look after the guard. He’s coming from the bottom line to the top, which can be confusing, but he’s on his way. I want him to become a versatile player who knows how to read,” revealing his anticipation for Kim Min-jo. 

Lee So-hee, who came to Buil Girls’ Middle School from Bongui Middle School in Chuncheon last year, cannot participate in competitions organized by the Korea Middle and High School Basketball Federation until April due to a transfer discipline. Coach Park said, “After taking a break from Chuncheon (playing basketball) for about a year, I came to our school last year. The sense of the game is a little off, but he is a very good athlete. Speed ​​and elasticity are probably the best at this position (out of all other schools). In the past, there were many plays under the goal, but I am training to move more and more organically. I only looked at the center and came to see the forward, but right now playing outside can be awkward. However, it is necessary to change the position even for the sake of the future.” 

Lastly, coach Park said, “Our players have a strong will and a great desire to win. In a generally stagnant atmosphere, we only won 1-2 wins a year, but this year we are aiming to advance to the finals. I like basketball, and I hope to get good results as much as I work hard,” he said, giving words of encouragement to the players.  바카라

On the other hand, Buil Girls’ Middle School does not have a gym with an official standard basketball court. There is only a space like a small auditorium. That’s why the Buil Girls’ Middle School basketball team had to rent a court at Sangok Middle School for training. Recently, Sangok Middle School went into gym construction, making even this impossible. Buil Girls’ Middle School moved to Sangokbukcho and divided the courts for training. Inconvenience of movement, as well as night exercise after dinner is impossible. Things are better now, but as an outsider, Buil Girls’ Middle School had a lot of difficulty training at other school gyms when Corona 19 broke out.

Fortunately, a new gym is scheduled to be built at Buil Yeo Middle School. The gymnasium at Buil Women’s Middle School, which is said to have finished drawing, is scheduled to be completed in April next year (2024). After about a year, they are freed from the restrictions of movement and exercise time, and players can train comfortably. This is why the future of Buil Women’s Middle School is more anticipated. 

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