The pin position on the first day of SentryTOC is extreme

On the first day of the Sentry Tournament of Champions (TOC), a special tournament of the American Professional Golf (PGA) Tour, pins are planted within 4 to 6 yards of the edge, waiting for players to take on a bold challenge.

On the 6th (Korean time), the PGA Tour unveiled the pin location for the 1st round of the Kapalua Resort Plantation Course (par 73, 7596 yards) in Maui, Hawaii, USA. Perhaps because it was conscious of the so-called ‘King of Kings’ battle, it selected and set the hole in the most difficult place on the green. did.

Hole 3 (par 4, 424 yards) has a pin 11 yards from the front of the green and 4 yards from the end of the left green. The 10th hole (par 4, 384 yards) is also 17 yards from the front and 4 yards from the left. Hole 1 (par 4 520 yards) is 20 yards from the front, 5 yards from the right end, and hole 2 is also 5 yards to the right. 토토사이트

Kapalua course map.

The final 18th hole of par 5 677 yards, where players will show off their long shots, is set at the far end of the green, 6 yards from the back and 5 yards from the left. It is not an easy position to be an eagle even if you put it on the green in two tries.

The easiest pin location is 10 yards from the right end, 11 yards from the front of the 8th (par 3, 199 yards) hole. Hole 16 (par 4, 369 yards) is also 9 yards to the right of the middle, but it is not easy as it is 5 yards from the end of the green.

This tournament, in which a handful of elite players with the best skills participate, has poured out the lowest hits to a new record every year. In last year’s tournament, the record for the lowest score in a round (12 under par 61) came out three times. As such, it seems that the organizers of the tournament have decided on a pin location that will not be fooled by the players this year.

The 17th hole has to be pinned over a valley.

However, the players taking this into account sharply dig into the pin. As of 8:30, Colin Morikawa (USA), who has excellent iron play, made 6 consecutive birdies from the 10th hole and reduced 8 strokes to the 15th hole.

There are 39 players participating this year. The total prize money alone was 15 million dollars (about 19 billion won), nearly doubling from last year’s 8.2 million dollars. The winning prize is 2.7 million dollars (3.4 billion won). The amount of one putt is in the hundreds of millions.

JTBC Golf and JTBC Golf & Sports will broadcast the first round live.

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