The new leader is called ‘rotation conflict’… Kim Yeon-kyung “Is there a team like this?”

The conflict between the women’s professional volleyball club Heungkuk Life Insurance, which suffered the unprecedented situation of losing both the head coach and the manager, is leading to a game of truth between the club and the players.

Prior to the V-League Women’s Division Heungkuk Life Insurance and GS Caltex game held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 5th, Shin Yong-joon, the new head of Heungkuk Life Insurance, met with reporters and opened up about the recent controversy.

Director Shin explained that the resignation of former manager Kwon Soon-chan and former manager Kim Yeo-il was due to a ‘rotation problem’.

During the game, it was explained that as the confrontation between the coach and the general manager deepened over whether to put Kim Yeon-kyung and Yelena in the front line or divide them into the front and back, they resigned together to prevent the conflict from escalating.

Regarding the claim that former coach Kwon, who protested against the club’s involvement in the appointment of players, was sacked, he denied it, saying, “The story of intervention keeps coming out from the outside, but that part doesn’t seem to be the case.”

However, he avoided answering the question asking whether it is appropriate for the general manager to intervene in the rotation arrangement issue during the game, which is the manager’s authority.

However, Shin’s explanation like this just added fuel to the ignited conflict.

Even in a cluttered situation, Heungkuk Life Insurance decorated the game with a victory, but immediately after the game, acting manager Lee Young-soo expressed his gratitude.

Lee, who led the team with former manager Kwon as head coach, stepped down from the acting position three days after former manager Kwon was sacked.

Acting Lee said, “I had the same thought since the coach left, and I told the club that I would quit today’s game for the last time.”

At the same time, he made it clear that he could not understand the ‘rotation problem’ explained by Shin before the game.

Regarding the issue of the front and rear positions of Kim Yeon-kyung and Yellena Yena revealed by Shin, he did not agree with Shin’s opinion, saying, “I don’t know where the story comes from, such as the fan club or the volleyball world.”

After the sudden announcement of the acting president’s resignation, the team was also greatly shaken. 토토

Kim Yeon-kyung, who appeared in front of reporters after the game, said, “It is true that there was a story about the appointment of players,” and directly refuted Shin’s explanation of the ‘rotation problem’.

She even lost a few games the way the club wanted them to, she said. “It’s embarrassing that these things happen.”

Even if the former manager Kwon was sacked because the rotation was a problem, as Shin’s claim was, he expressed distrust, saying, “If that’s the case, all coaches can be sacked.”

Regarding the reaction of the players at the time of Kwon’s dismissal, General Manager Shin said, “It wasn’t that bad” and “I think senior players like Kim Yeon-kyung were more understanding.”

He expressed concern over whether the team could be trusted, saying that no matter who was appointed as the next manager, he would not be the one who would listen to the team.

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