The invisible contributor to KGC’s leading run, ‘Coach D’ Daryl Monroe 

Anyang KGC is leading the way alone in the regular league of the ‘2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball’. They are taking one step at a time towards winning the ‘Wire to Wire’, which didn’t seem easy.

Along with coach Kim Sang-sik (55), the players cite Daryl Monroe (37, 197 cm), dubbed ‘Coach D’, as the hidden contributor to the team’s continued good performance throughout the season. His playing time this season is limited to 9 minutes per game. The average is only 4.1 points, 3.2 rebounds and 1.1 assists, but the common voice is that his influence on the team cannot be converted into numbers.

Omari Spellman (26), who scored 40 points, the most in an individual game this season, in an away game against Suwon KT on the 6th said, “Before the game, I said to play with Monroe with energy. There were a lot of difficult matches recently, but I was able to win by concentrating from the beginning. He played well from the start,” he laughed. In the meantime, he thanked Monroe for finding the interview room to move with him.

Yang Hee-jong (39), captain of KGC, also said, “Monroe, whom all members call ‘Coach D’, teaches the players not only the mental part but also the details of tactics. He is a friend that I can learn a lot from personally as well. He is being taught a lot about living as a basketball player.” 바카라사이트

Regarding this evaluation, Monroe actually waved her hand. Hearing this from his colleagues, he responded to the reporter’s request to say a word, saying, “Everyone is tired due to the tight schedule of the recent games. My heart is burning after winning a game like this.” “Our team cannot win without a spellman. It was already confirmed last year. We are getting along well while talking to each other.” In response, Spellman pointed his finger at Monroe and replied, “We can’t win without Monroe.”

Monroe is supporting Spellman during the regular season, but he is steadily building his body in preparation for the upcoming playoffs (PO). He never misses training. Even before the match against KT, he appeared on the court earlier than other players and adjusted his condition and senses. But on this day, he only kept the bench. This is because Spellman’s outstanding performance continued throughout the 40 minutes.

But Monroe was busy on the bench. He cheered on, had frequent conversations with the players on the court if necessary, and sometimes communicated with the manager. Monroe, who takes care of even the smallest things for the team, is accumulating energy for a more important time than now, saying, “There will definitely be a part for me and Yang Hee-jong to do during the PO.”

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