The fateful Jamsil 3-game series, the core is Kim Seon-hyung and Jamil Warney, and Abando… Block or pierce

The fateful Jamsil 3-game series announces the start soon.

Seoul SK and Anyang KGC will play the 3rd, 4th, and 5th games of the 2022-23 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Championship at the Jamsil Student Gymnasium from the 29th to the 3rd of May.

SK and KGC recorded 1 win and 1 loss in Anyang. As the schedule continues with the 3 consecutive games in Jamsil, SK is in a slightly better situation, but there is nothing disadvantageous as KGC found a way to win through the victory in the 2nd game.

Both SK and KGC had stories in their victories in the first and second games. SK led the first game to victory with Kim Seon-hyung and Jamil Warney’s one-two punches successfully landing 16 floaters. On the other hand, KGC completely blocked Kim Seon-hyeong and Warney in the second game and succeeded in counterattacking as Lens Abando came back to life.

Through the first and second matches, the points for this championship match have already been decided. In the end, the victory or defeat is determined by the performance of Kim Seon-hyung, Warney, and Abando.

SK does not have Choi Jun-yong (injured) and Ahn Young-jun (military service). In other words, there is no weapon that can break the KGC defense other than Kim Seon-hyung and Warney. The result of winning if both players burst and losing if blocked appeared in the first and second games. These processes and results are unlikely to change in the future.

Seonhyung Kim and Warney were completely blocked by Seonggon Moon and Spellman Omari, respectively, in the second game after the first game. Didn’t do anything. Of course, it did not collapse in person-to-person defense. Oh Se-geun played an appropriate cooperative defense and tied Kim Seon-hyung and Warney’s feet. The right flank attack route, which had a high plotter success rate, was thoroughly blocked.

Conversely, Abando, who only scored 4 points in the first game, scored 18 points in the second game, flying wildly. KGC desperately needed Abando’s performance to consume Kim Seon-hyung’s stamina as much as possible. The wish that did not come true in the first game came true in the second game. Conversely, in SK, which needs to reduce Kim Seon-hyung’s physical strength consumption as much as possible, Abando’s performance returns with more than double the blow.

Overall, KGC is in an advantageous position. If manager Kim Sang-shik only thinks of Abando’s strengths and uses it for the 3-game series in Jamsil, SK will feel more burdened. In fact, Abando was stronger than anyone else in Jamsil. It was the devil itself against SK and Samsung.

In addition, KGC has plenty of room even in a situation where Byun Jun-hyung and Spellman can’t play their role in attack other than defense. There is a constant called Oh Se-geun’s performance. Here, there are also full of ‘luxury’ role players such as Bae Byung-jun and Jung Jun-won, who are not strange at any time.

Conversely, SK has already drawn all of its cards. We need to find a way to save Kim Seon-hyung and Warnie and block Abando. There are few people available and the bottom of the goal is already inferior. They were overwhelmed in both the first and second games by the height of Oh Se-geun and Spellman. Coach Jeon Hee-cheol has to come up with a new winning strategy.메이저사이트

Of course, SK is not a team to back down easily. Just because Kim Seon-hyung and Warney were blocked once are not players who will work the same way. Here, the cheering of the hot home fans awaits. In fact, the enthusiasm for pre-orders for Jamsil 3-Year-old was very great. SK is the scariest team in KBL. It is not a team that can be evaluated based on simple strength.

Maybe the 1st and 2nd games were just search battles. SK and KGC must pour out everything in the Jamsil 3-game series. In order to achieve the ending of the 5th game they wanted. World War II between the 1st and 2nd emperors of East Asia is really starting now.

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