Tee-ball winners from rural Taiwan thank Korean players for their hospitality, broadening children’s worldview

Shendong Elementary School from Taiwan has won the international exchange league of the Boeun T-Ball Tournament.

Shendong defeated Hsin-Lung Elementary School from Taiwan, 7-6, in the International Exchange League final of the 2023 KBO Youth T-Ball Festival Elementary Sports Club T-Ball Tournament at the KBO Baseball Center in Boyeon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, on March 31.

Shendong entered the tournament as the defending champions of the Taiwanese National T-ball Championship, and the team was one of the most dominant teams in Korea. Head coach Chen Guan-hao said, “This is my first time in Korea. The Korean players are bright and open. Our players focus on hitting, but they seem to aim for home runs. I think we had a fun and good game,” he said of his time in Korea.

“Our school is a little bit rural in Taiwan,” said coach Chen Guan-hao, “and our students have not had the opportunity to live in the city, so I think it’s good for them to come to a foreign country and meet children from other countries to broaden their worldview. “It was great to play with players from other countries, and I think it will be a good memory for them to have a good time, especially at the welcome ceremony. I wanted to let them know that the world is so big and beautiful.”

Hsin-Lung Township, which finished runner-up in Taiwan, was not invited to the tournament, but traveled at their own expense to compete against Xiantong Township once again. “It was a friendly game, so our priority was to let the students experience different environments and have fun. Although we lost the match, I don’t think the players will be too disappointed.”

Coach Chen Guanhao also said, “At first, we tried to play with a relaxed mindset, but I think the players got greedy during the game. I told them not to be too nervous and to play safely and enjoy the game. Thanks to them, we played a good game,” he laughed.

In this tournament, the International Exchange League provided an opportunity for children from Korea, Taiwan, and Japan to interact and build friendships. The children from the three countries had a great time playing games and celebrating together.

Coach Hong Guan-hsien, who met both the Japanese and Korean teams, said, “Japan is a great team with good fundamentals. As for Korea, I could feel that the players were enjoying the game and playing tee ball. The Korean children were very friendly and polite, and they were open to foreign players without being disrespectful,” said Coach Hong, who shared his impressions of meeting the various teams.메이저놀이터

“It’s not often that our children have the opportunity to meet foreign friends,” said Ms. Akashi Kaku, who leads the team from Aichi Prefecture, Japan. By having a welcome party and playing tee ball together, I think it was a great experience for them to learn how foreign children think and what they like. From the beginning to the end, there was nothing lacking, and I am sure the students will go home with good memories.” She emphasized that it is a good experience for students to interact with foreign children.

Kim Myung-gun, a teacher at Deokshin Elementary School, which won the Korean Champions League, said, “We are now going to Taiwan in December as the winner, and it will be an unforgettable elementary school experience for the children. In fact, we wanted to play a practice match with the Taiwanese team today, but the situation did not work out, but our students talked to the Taiwanese students and took pictures with them, which will be a good memory,” said Kim, who is looking forward to participating in the tournament in Taiwan.

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