Svensson Mainz coach “I can’t imagine a team without Lee Jae-sung”

Head coach Bo Svensson, who leads Mainz 05 in the German Bundesliga, could not hide his affection for the Korean player.

Mainz beat Augsburg 3-1 in the 2022-2023 German Bundesliga round 20 held at the MEWA Arena in Mainz, Germany on the 11th and jumped up one notch to 11th place. Lee Jae-sung, who started the game that day, scored consecutive goals in the 21st minute and 7th minute in the second half, leading the team to a complete victory. 카지노사이트

With multiple goals against Augsburg, Lee Jae-seong scored his 5th and 6th goals of the season, predicting a career high after his Bundesliga debut. The soccer statistics site selected Lee Jae-seong as the best player in the game.

After the match, coach Svensson said in an interview with local media outlets such as ‘Kicker’, “Lee Jae-seong is a perfect match for Mainz. His playing style, fighting style, and refusal to give up are the same. There is no player I like more than Lee Jae-seong.” praised

Regarding Lee Jae-sung’s transfer rumors, manager Svensson dismissed the possibility of a transfer, saying, “I can’t imagine Mainz without Lee Jae-sung.” Lee Jae-sung has signed a contract with Mainz until June 2024 and is active.

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