“Super League? Are you kidding?”…the fury of Ferguson, the ‘godfather’ of football

Alex Ferguson, the ‘godfather’ of football, revealed his beliefs about the Super League.

In recent years, the Super League has been one of the biggest topics in European football. The Super League is a new form of soccer league that 12 European ‘big clubs’, including Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, tried to establish. It was their goal to form a new football league that could generate huge financial profits out of regional leagues as well as under the umbrella of the European Football Federation (UEFA).

didn’t come true UEFA has warned of a tough response, such as disqualifying clubs participating in the European Super League from participating in UEFA competitions. Football federations of each country also announced that they would apply similar sanctions, and fans of each club also complained about the team they support”going against the community’.

Eventually, most clubs left. But the reality still exists. Currently, the remaining clubs in the Super League are Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus. They are trying to realize the once frustrated Super League again. Sports management company A22, which planned this project, also revealed a specific deadline, saying, “The Super League can resume within three years.”

A22 is coming out quite aggressively for the opening of the Super League. It also requested a trial at the European Court of Justice. And in July 2021, the ‘UEFA Disciplinary Withdrawal Order’ was issued for the clubs participating in the Super League, and it seemed that the creation of the Super League was gaining strength. 스포츠토토

However, at the European Court of Justice hearing on the 15th (Korean time), “The Super League can establish its own independent soccer competition, but it cannot continue to participate in soccer competitions hosted by FIFA and UEFA without prior approval.” spoke up

In other words, if you want to participate in the Super League, you cannot participate in FIFA or UEFA competitions. But a new phase has been reached. A22 recently put forward Article 10 of the reorganization plan of the Super League. The goal is “distribution of profits to grassroots football”, “expansion of teams to 60-80 teams”, and “open operation rather than closed operation”.

However, the reaction of the football world is still cold. Alex Ferguson, who led Manchester United’s heyday in the past, expressed his opposition to the Super League, saying, “I think this is a joke. A league that is exactly the opposite of the fans’ demands will not survive.” Public opinion for and against the Super League is getting deeper and deeper.

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