‘Spirit of Gimpo’ Lee Sang-wook “My last dream is to step on the K-League 1 stage with Gimpo”

 “My dream before retirement is to go to the K-League 1 with Gimpo FC.”

It was the smile of ‘Captain’ Lee Sang-wook (33). Gimpo FC stepped on the K League 2 stage last season. Rather than bringing in new players, head coach Go Jeong-woon favored players who had been with him since the K3 League. One of them was goalkeeper Lee Sang-wook. Lee Sang-wook was director Go’s ‘trustworthy man’. He even wore the captain’s armband. Lee Sang-wook took the center of the team with his clear leadership, and Gimpo ranked 8th, higher than the corporate clubs Jeonnam Dragons and Busan I-Park in the first year of their entry.

Lee Sang-wook is the captain of Gimpo again this year. His role has grown even bigger. Lee Sang-wook, who I met in Suncheon, Jeollanam-do, where Gimpo is training, said, “It seems that there are 10 people born in 2000 below. There is a reason that makes Lee Sang-wook more passionate. He is proud to represent the team. He said, “There are only 4 players who have been with me since the K3 League days, including me.

For Lee Sang-wook, the K-League was painful. He joined Suwon Samsung, a ‘famous family’, through the 2014 draft, but he seldom received a chance. Lee Sang-wook, who could not play a single game, wore a Suwon FC uniform in January 2017. He entered the early game and established himself as a starting player, but it went downhill again as the failure to join Sangmu overlapped. He only appeared in 5 games in 2018. Lee Sang-wook, who was released from Suwon FC, shed tears. 메이저사이트

Gimpo became a turning point for him. He recovered his performance by playing as the core in Gimpo, and the team reached the K-League stage. Lee Sang-wook, who watched all of Gimpo’s growth process, couldn’t help but be thrilled. Lee Sang-wook laughed, “I was on the team even before the late coach came. At that time, it was at the level of a club. But now I’m in charge of equipment.” In fact, there was an opportunity to transfer to another team after completing his military service, but he remained loyal to Gimpo. Lee Sang-wook said, “Several teams showed interest. The coach asked me to try more, so I did it for another year, but the team said they were going to the K-League, and it went quickly. They treated me well, trusted me, and made me feel comfortable. , I thought I had to finish here.”

The reason Lee Sang-wook stayed in Gimpo was the presence of director Go. He said, “She’s like a tiger on the playground. My daughter is 5 years old, but when I talk to the director, she says she’s a tiger teacher.” do,” he said. Lee Sang-wook, who spent a year in the K-League that he missed so much last year, said, “I have washed my thirst a lot.”

Now, Lee Sang-wook is looking at a higher place. He said, “Last year, the save rate was high, but the run rate was too high. I plan to concentrate more this season.” “My ultimate dream is to go to K League 1 with Gimpo. I haven’t played in K League 1 yet, I want to try at least one game before I retire. I wish it was with Gimpo. Then I really feel like crying.”

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