‘Song Bum-geun → Yang Han-bin’ The biggest variable in the 2023 K-League is ‘goalkeeper chain transfer’

Football speaks through goals. Light and darkness coexist in it. The main character who opens the goal always receives a brilliant spotlight.

On the other hand, a goal has the exact opposite meaning to the goalkeeper, who is the last line of stoppage. Tears. Due to the nature of the position, there is some distance from the light. The goalkeeper throws his body and does all sorts of nasty things. A ‘crazy save’ is the same as scoring a goal. However, like ‘The Magic of Oblivion’, it does not stay in the minds of fans for long. On the other hand, ‘passion’ rushes in the moment the goal is pierced and the ground is hit. It’s fortunate if you don’t get ‘swearing’.

Ahead of the new season, the K-League is undergoing transformation after transformation. A chain shift is taking place in the goalkeeper, a position that hasn’t changed much in the meantime. The ‘goalkeeper movement’ has emerged as the biggest variable in the K-League this season.

Jeonbuk Hyundai, which is aiming to recapture the top in the K-League 1, was the signal. Goalkeeper Song Bum-keun, whose contract with Jeonbuk ended at the end of last season, moved to Shonan Bellmare in the J-League. Song Beom-geun has been in charge of Jeonbuk’s goal since 2018 when he stepped on the K-League stage. He played in 167 matches in his career and lifted the K-League championship trophy four times. However, it failed to close the gap in his position on his salary and failed to renew his contract.

Jeonbuk recruited Jeong Min-gi as a substitute for Song Bum-keun. Joining FC Anyang in 2018, he has been active in the K-League 2 all along. Reviews are mixed. Jung Min-gi has excellent quickness and reflexes. He also puts on a save show that is close to divine. However, there are times when he is exposed to outrageous mistakes. Adaptation to the first division is also key.

Yang Han-bin, the goalkeeper of FC Seoul, also changed horses. Like Song Bum-geun, he too moved to J-League Cerezo Osaka as a free agent after his contract was terminated. Yang Hanbin has worn Seoul’s uniform since 2014. Covered in the shadow of Yoo Sang-hoon (Gangwon), he went back and forth between hot and cold baths, and from 2021 he took the position of an unshakable main player. Seoul also recruited Choi Cheol-won (28), who played for Bucheon FC in the second division, as a replacement for Yang Han-bin 스포츠토토. A tall goalkeeper of 1m94, he has been active in Bucheon since 2016 and will step on the first division stage for the first time this year. Seoul is planning to appoint Choi Cheol-won as a starter this season and foster Baek Jong-beom.

In addition, Kang Sang-moo of Pohang Steelers is Kim Cheon, and Lee Beom-soo, a veteran of Jeonbuk, will make a fresh start in Bucheon. Suwon Samsung’s labor gun moved to suwon fc.

The goalkeeper is ‘Once a starter, always a starter’. Anyway, the frame doesn’t shake. With the rush of goalkeepers going abroad and transferring, the facial expressions of each club are also changing every moment. The 2022 season champion Ulsan Hyundai, which has Cho Hyun-woo, and Kangwon FC, who succeeded in renewing the contract with Yoo Sang-hoon, continue to play a stable rear. Other than that, it’s a sober evaluation that he’s stubborn. It takes ‘time for verification’ to stand out as a goalkeeper. The skill gap between No. 1 and No. 2 is not great. If the back door is not solid, you may be driven into an out of control crisis.

Goalkeeper’s ‘export’ is commendable. As such, the resources available to the national team at each level are enriched. On the other hand, in the K-League, efforts must be made to turn ‘raw stones’ into ‘jewels’. “I don’t know where I am, but I know where I am,” he said. Attention is focusing on what kind of aftermath the goalkeeper chain transfer will return this season.

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