SON Role Model’s Ilgal “Tottenham, bring Jiyeshi!… Not Chelsea”

Rafael Van der Vaart, who played for Tottenham Hotspur in the past, recommended the signing of Hakim Ziyesh (30, Chelsea) to his former team. 

In an interview with British media Red Brox on the 14th (Korean time), Van der Vaart insisted, “Jiye-shi can be a solution to Tottenham’s problems.”

Dutch midfielder Van der Vaart played 77 games for Tottenham for two years from 2010, scoring 28 goals and 18 assists.

Afterwards, he left for Hamburg SV in the Bundesliga and even ate rice with Son Heung-min. Although there is a considerable age gap with Son Heung-min, it is well known that Son Heung-min believed in and followed him.

Panderfaart also acknowledged Son Heung-min’s potential.

Van der Vaart pointed out that his former team, Tottenham, were not smooth in attacking and did not score properly.

Harry Kane, Tottenham’s main goalkeeper this season, is doing his part by scoring 17 league goals, but Son Heung-min, who was the top scorer last season, only scored 4 league goals.

Brazilian striker Richarlisson, who was signed for a huge amount, has not scored a single goal in the league so far.

When Tottenham were worried about the performance of their strikers, Van der Vaart recommended Jiyesi, who was not guaranteed playing time at Chelsea. 바카라사이트

“Tottenham are missing something in area 10,” Van der Vaart said. “I think Hakim Ziyesh could be the solution.”

“Jiyeshi is not happy at Chelsea, and I am a huge fan of him. If Tottenham bring Jiyeshi, the problem will be solved. I don’t think any more signings are needed.”

Jiyesi, who was the most creative and threatening player in Europe during his days at the prestigious Dutch Ajax, is struggling on the Premier League stage after moving to Chelsea in 2020.

Jiye-shi, who did not have a chance to play in Chelsea, tried to lease Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) during the winter transfer window in January, but suffered the humiliation of a loan transfer as Chelsea failed to submit the documents in time.

Jiyeshi, who had gone all the way to France to rent PSG, returned to England due to Chelsea’s absurd administrative mistake, and ended up spending the rest of the season at Chelsea.

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