“Son Heung-min is me?”… SON’s praise for awakening Sheffield DF’s will

George Baldock’s ‘world class’ Son Heung-min praise was a great strength.

Baldock was born in England, but as a right-back who chose Greek nationality, he mainly stayed in the lower leagues and made his name when he played for Sheffield United in 2017. He helped Sheffield create a sensation in the English Premier League (EPL) under manager Chris Wilder.

He defended with a reckless appearance and played an active part in Wilder-style attack football based on his vigorous stamina. After Wilder’s departure and Sheffield’s relegation, he stayed on. Britain’s ‘Yorkshire Live’ said on the 25th (Korean time), “Son Heung-min’s praise made Baldok dance.” Sheffield is still in the English Championship (second division), but met Tottenham in the English FA Cup. Sheffield dropped Tottenham with a surprise victory.

Baldock contributed to the win over Tottenham. After the game, Son Heung-min said, “It was difficult to deal with Sheffield fullback Baldok.” This seems to have been a huge motivation for Baldok. Baldock also said through ‘Yorkshire Live’, “The praise of Son Heung-min further increased his desire to return to the EPL.”

He continued, “The EPL is the stage I enjoyed soccer the most. I was nervous, but I played with all my might and fought like a battle. I want to wear a Sheffield uniform and play an active part in the EPL again,” revealing his will for the EPL.메이저사이트

He said, “After the match against Tottenham, I found out what Son Heung-min mentioned to me. It’s a fantastic compliment. It’s probably the best compliment I’ve ever received in my career. It’s amazing to be praised by a player of that level. Son Heung-min has given me such compliments.” There must be a reason. If I had been aggressive and tenacious, would I have praised him like that? I couldn’t leave Son Heung-min alone. So I worked harder and listened to the praise.”

‘Yorkshire Live’ said, “Baldok seemed to have lost power after Sheffield was relegated, but coach Paul Heckingbottom came and revived. In the match against Tottenham, he showed his skills once again by toughly blocking Son Heung-min. Baldock is back again.” said In this way, it seems that Baldock had a great meaning to block Son Heung-min and receive praise in the match against Tottenham.

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