Shim Jun-seok, who is going to ride the ‘Pirate Ship’ “I don’t care about the down payment… Money should be raised after being promoted to the MLB”

Shim Jun-seok (19), who signed a contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates of the Major League (MLB) instead of the KBO League, headed to the United States.

On the 16th, announced that Shim Jun-seok signed a contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Shim Jun-seok also ranked 10th in the list of international amateur prospects selected by

Pittsburgh and Shim Jun-seok did not disclose the size of the contract. However, local media reported that Shim Jun-seok signed a contract with a down payment of 750,000 dollars (approximately 920 million won). 

However, Shim Jun-seok, who departed through Incheon International Airport on the 24th, met with reporters and said, “I am satisfied with the amount of the down payment. It may seem small to others, but it is not important to me.” He also promised success, saying, “Money can go up (to the MLB) and collect it.”

Shim Jun-seok said, “I didn’t think much about the size of his contract. Even after his contract was announced, I prepared for his first season by doing the same training, including weight training.” Regarding the Pittsburgh club, he explained, “He gave me a specific growth plan and training system at the club. I felt that he took good care of me, so I signed.” 헤라카지노

On the 26th local time, Shim Jun-seok attends the initiation ceremony held at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the U.S. home stadium, and proceeds with training. He said, “I haven’t been informed of the schedule after the initiation ceremony, but I think I will join the (minor league) team training,” and “I think I will participate in the (minor league) spring camp held in Florida. .

Shim Jun-seok said, “I studied English hard and did a lot of image training in my head.”

He said, “It will be difficult because there are no people around me and communication is not smooth, but I think it will be a better environment to focus on training.” thing,” he said.

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