‘Season out’ Emerson followed by Perisic… Tottenham sighs with wingback injury in A match

 Tottenham are groaning at the injury of their wingbacks during the A match.

Tottenham is groaning as it collapses due to injuries to the wingbacks, the center of the three-back, during this A match. During the A-match, Emerson-Ivan Perisic collapsed, making the conversation cold.

First, Emerson, who was called up to the Brazilian national team, was replaced due to a knee injury during the match against Morocco. Since joining Tottenham, he has been playing his best performance and occupying the starting position. However, he was out of power due to a sudden injury, and his rise was broken. 메이저사이트

Emerson is expected to be out of action for about six weeks, at least. He’s left wondering if he’ll be able to return before the end of this season.

Here, Ben Davies also collapsed with a hamstring injury while playing against Southampton in the previous league and needs five weeks of recovery. A season out is likely. Ryan Sessegnon is also injured. Perisic, who had been put in as a replacement for Davis, was highly likely to come out as the starting pitcher.

However, even Perisic, who played for the Croatia national team against Turkiye (2-0 win), was stepped on and collapsed. Fortunately, from Tottenham’s point of view, he walked out, but if Perishi collapsed, the core of tactics would disappear for Tottenham, who had no professional wingbacks left.

In the winter transfer window, Tottenham sent Jed Spencey on loan and released Matt Doherty through termination of his contract, signing Pedro as a prisoner. In addition, Emerson’s season out and Perisic’s injury made Tottenham, who is fighting for 4th place in the league, only sigh.

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