‘SAS confirmed’ Wembanyama excitement “I will get the championship ring as soon as possible”

 The destination of Victor Wembanyama has been confirmed.

The San Antonio Spurs got the first pick in the NBA draft pick lottery held on the 17th. It is no different from saying that it was chosen as the destination for Umbanyama.

This draft is called the ‘Wembanyama Draft’. Wembanyama, who plays for Metropolitans 92, is a promising big man from France. He is considered to have the highest level of talent of all time. He has overwhelming physical condition of 224cm tall and 244cm wingspan, and despite being a big man, his outside shooting and dribbling skills are guard-level.

San Antonio, which had a 14% chance of being the first pick, was fortunate enough to be able to nominate Wembanyama.메이저사이트

According to Bleacher Report, Wembanyama was very happy with the draft order after it came out. When San Antonio won the first pick, they clapped and expressed satisfaction. In an interview with the local media, he said, “San Antonio and France have a great relationship. Isn’t this the club that Tony Parker and Boris Diaw played for? The whole nation wanted San Antonio to take the first pick,” he said, explaining the reason for his satisfaction.

Parker and Diaw, both from France, were players who helped establish the San Antonio dynasty. They were very clever players. He had fantastic chemistry with director Greg Popovich.

“I can’t express how I feel right now. It feels so special. I am a player who puts the team first. I want to get the championship ring as quickly as possible. Get ready,” he said.

Finally, “I am going to take my talents to Texas. I can’t wait,” he said excitedly.

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