Rookie boy group BXB, carrot match sit-to-be on the 30th

Rookie boy group BXB (BXB) is going to invest in Goyang Carrot Jumpers.

BXB (Jihun, Hyunwoo, Siwoo, Hamin, Jun) will perform sit-two and halftime performances in the match between Goyang Carrot Jumpers and Seoul Samsung Thunders on the 30th.

First, Hamin, a member of BXB, appeared as a representative of the city investment before the match and heats up the stadium with a great city fight.

In addition, BXB will hold a half-time performance and unveil their hot debut single ‘Fly Away’ live for the first time to be released on the 30th.

BXB is expected to elevate the atmosphere of the scene with passionate performances, colorful charms, and excellent stage control, while at the same time arousing fans’ love.

BXB is a 5-member boy group consisting of Jihoon (vocal), Hyunwoo (rap, dance), Siwoo (rap), Hamin (vocal), and Jun (vocal). )’ to make their official debut in the music industry.

The new song ‘Leap 스포츠토토‘ is an up-tempo song based on Hybrid POP and ROCK.

Meanwhile, the Goyang Carrot Jumpers VS Seoul Samsung Thunders professional basketball home game, in which BXB will start, will be held at the Goyang Gymnasium at 7:00 pm on the 30th.

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