Real Madrid accuse Barcelona of referee buying

FC Barcelona, ​​a prestigious Spanish professional football club, has been indicted for bribing referees, and rival Real Madrid has criticized Barcelona.

Real Madrid said on the 13th (Korean time), “The club’s board of directors concluded that the prosecution’s corruption and other charges against former Barcelona executives are serious” and “trust the judicial process.“예스벳 토토

On the 10th, Spanish prosecutors indicted José María Enriquez Negreira, former deputy chairman of the Spanish referee technical committee, and former Barcelona executives on charges of corruption, breach of trust, and falsification of business information. In particular, Spanish prosecutors judge that Barcelona paid about 8.4 million euros (11.8 billion won) to former vice-chairman Negreira for 18 years to obtain a favorable ruling.

Meanwhile, Barcelona president Juan Laporta said on social media the day before, “We are innocent,” and “we have become victims of a certain intrigue in which we are all involved.”

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