‘QPR experience’ Yoon Seok-young, “Going to Europe? Summer rather than winter, step by step rather than going directly to the big leagues”

Yoon Seok-young, a veteran defender of Gangwon FC, was a European player receiving high expectations from those around him just 10 years ago. He received an offer from Queens Park Rangers (QPR) and ate together with Ji-Sung Park. It may be a pretty distant memory by today’s standards of being a representative veteran of the K-League, but at that time, Yoon Seok-young was a player who received quite a lot of attention in every move, like Oh Hyun-kyu and Cho Kyu-seong.

Now, as an axis of Gangwon FC’s defense, it has become a status to hear the news of the advancement of Europe by distant juniors through news. In Yoon Seok-yeong’s position, there are many old thoughts, so he recalled his memories of those days and gave advice that he wanted to convey to his juniors.

Yoon Seok-young, who appeared at the 2023 K-League winter training media camp held at Songjeong Hotel in Busan on the 10th, met <Best Eleven> and said, “Before the 2012 London Olympics were held, proposals came from Germany and other countries, and each time I visited the club and the coach. I asked to be sent, but I couldn’t go out,” he recalled, saying that QPR was not the first team. “I think the timing of going out is really important,” he said. 카지노

Yoon Seok-young saw that the summer transfer market was a better choice for a player than the winter transfer market. Yoon Seok-young said, “It was winter when I first went to QPR. At that time, I was in the relegation zone and my grades were not good, the manager who brought me was sacked, and manager Harry Redknapp was new. The situation was like this, so I had no chance.” raised

“In my experience, that part was a bit disappointing. I would like to advise you to leave at the beginning of the season. There is a reason why everyone, including senior Park Ji-sung, says that going in the middle is difficult. I also experienced it, but adapting is really difficult. I care about that part. I want you to write,” he said.

Yoon Seok-young is playing with Yang Hyeon-joon, a teammate and ‘Shinseong’ who has a high possibility of advancing to Europe in the future. Yoon Seok-young once again advised that through his own experience, he would like to move to the big stage step by step.

Yoon Seok-young said, “I hope there will be a way to go out when there is a good opportunity.” “I went straight to the Premier League. Such an opportunity is not really given. When I am given this opportunity, I have no choice but to worry. But in my experience, I think it would be better to advance step-by-staff step by step.” Rather than advancing directly to the big leagues and undergoing tough competition and adaptation, he left advice to step up from the small stage to the big stage.

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