Piacenza, who had nothing to be rough, took 1 win in the Superliga 3rd place match

It hit the opponent from all sides. Piacenza overpowered Milan with a perfect score and took the first win.

Gas Sales Blue Energy Piacenza (hereinafter referred to as Piacenza) beat Allianz Milan (hereinafter referred to as Milan) with a set score of 3-0 (25-17) in the first leg of the 2022 Italian Superliga 3rd place match held in Piacenza, Italy on April 30 local time. , 25-16, 25-22) and won one victory first. Piacenza played a near-perfect game, driving Milan throughout the match. He was ahead in attack scoring (43-30), blocking (9-5), and serve (6-3), and went out first in the series of 3 out of 5 games.

Milan started with Paulo Poro (S), Yuki Ishikawa (OH), Augustin Roget (MB), Jean Patri (OP), Osniel Meregarejo (OH), Matteo Piano (MB), Nicola Pesaresi (L). was employed Piacenza against them is Antoine Brizzard (S), Yondi Real Hidalgo (OH), Robertlandi Simon Artis (MB), Yuri Romano (OP), Ricardo Lucarelli Souza (OH), Edoardo Kaneschi (MB), Leonardo Scanperla (L) was selected as the starter.

Both teams battled hard in the first set. Milan scored with Roger’s serve and Meregarejo’s quick attack, while Piacenza scored with Romano’s attack from the right. In the close match, Piacenza was the first to strike out. At 5-5, a clever attack that snapped Lucarelli’s wrist and Brizzard’s two consecutive serves made it 8-5.

Piacenza, with Simon’s blocking and Real’s bold back attack, completely dominated the flow. Simon continued his performance by scoring with a big drop serve at 15-9. Milan tried to shake Piacenza by continuing to use strong serve, but Real and Romano succeeded in opening attacks and neutralized it. In the end, Piacenza, who reached the set point with Romano’s proper net play, won the first set 25-17 with Real scoring.

The second set followed a similar flow to the first set. In a tense situation, Piacenza stretched first. At 5-5, Romano’s powerful diagonal attack and Real’s serve began to widen the score. Milan resisted with Ishikawa at the fore, but in 8-10, Ishikawa’s open handling caught Simon’s fingertips, and he lost an important chase opportunity.

Piacenza, who took control of the atmosphere again, pressed Milan with a series of super plays. The appearance of Scanperla’s nimble Digg leading to Kaneski’s quick attack in an instant drew cheers from the fans. Piacenza, who easily solved the game with all the strikers performing evenly, easily won the second set 25-16 with Rosé’s sub room.크크크벳

In the third set, Piacenza quickly gained momentum from the start. Real’s powerful attack and Lucarelli’s serve scored one after another to make it 3-0. Lucarelli delighted the Piacenza home fans with another serve in the 4-0 win.

Milan struggled with Piacenza’s solid effective block and continued to consume stamina. I kept chasing after Piacenza to somehow go to the 4th set, but Ishikawa’s central back attack in 7-10 was a mistake. But Milan didn’t give up. Meregareho and Piano’s consecutive blocking narrowed the score to 17-19, and finally Ishikawa’s direct attack and Meregareho’s serve scored a tie at 21-21. However, Piacenza did not allow a turnaround with Lucarelli at the fore, and Simon intercepted Ishikawa’s diagonal attack twice in a row, reaching a 24-21 match point. In the end, Real took responsibility for the 25th point, and Piacenza won the series first.

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