‘Physical: 100’ seen by an incumbent wrestling director “My favorite is Nam Kyung-jin, wrestling is the strongest human weapon in practice” 

 ‘Physical: 100’, the first Korean entertainment show to top the Netflix world rankings, is leaving the last episode to cover the last one out of a total of 9 episodes. As the quest to cover the ‘strongest physical’ continues, interest in who will be the strongest who will be the main character of the 300 million won prize money is also increasing.

Along with the popularity of the program, a total of 100 performers who were said to be good-looking, such as Nanda and Ginda, also rose to stardom, raising questions about which event was the strongest when they actually competed. How would an incumbent wrestling manager see this? Founded in 1974, Korea Mint Corporation wrestling team coach Jin Hyung-gyun (61), who produced Yang Jung-mo, who won the first gold medal in Korea’s Olympic participation history, is also one of the enthusiastic viewers of ‘Physical: 100’.

Coach Jin said, “Seeing all the events come together and face off, it felt like an old fall sports day. gave pleasure It’s a show of great ideas. I think it’s a good program that’s well-organized for today’s times.”

When asked who is likely to win and win the prize money of 300 million won, he picked “Sungbin Yoon” without hesitation. Of course, the ‘favorite’ player was Nam Kyung-jin, a junior and national wrestling representative.

Among various fighters such as wrestling and boxing, director Jin said that wrestling is the strongest in real fighting. “I think wrestling is the strongest. He thinks he can’t win in the UFC if he can’t wrestle. In a word, he expressed his affection for wrestling by replying, “It is a human weapon.” In the actual program, Jang Eun-sil, Nam Kyung-jin, and Son Hee-dong were very active.

I asked how he viewed each quest of ‘Physical: 100’ from the perspective of an athlete.

In the case of the first mission, clinging to a structure for a long time, many participants were eliminated in a short time, giving viewers a fresh shock. He said, “For long-term hanging, people with low weight and strong mentality can hang for a long time, rather than those with muscles. This means that people with good muscular endurance have an advantage.” In fact, mountain rescue team member Kim Min-cheol, former UDT instructor Kim Gyeong-baek, and gymnastics national representative Yang Hak-seon took first, second, and third place, respectively, with low weight and relatively good muscular endurance.

The ability to communicate between team members was also important in the sand-carrying competition, and the ‘Cho Jin-hyung team’ was selected as the team that performed the mission most efficiently. In the 1.5-ton boat pulling competition, the two teams came together to form an alliance, and coach Jin gave points to the body balance, saying, “The Yoon Seong-bin team looked the most suitable.” Yoon Seong-bin, a national skeleton player who is considered a strong candidate for the championship, and bodybuilder Ma Seon-ho, who showed excellent physical and communication skills, formed a team and recorded a final time of 19 minutes and 55 seconds. It was far behind the record of 13 minutes and 34 seconds, which was the record of the team of Seong-Hun Choo and Jin-Hyung Cho, who took first place, but in the end it was a success. They survived and were able to advance to the next round. 바카라사이트

Coach Jin said, “I don’t think it’s just because muscles are good. You need to do muscular endurance exercises such as rope, tube, running, quickness, and mental strength,” he said. Of course, there were regrets while watching the program. He said, “Isn’t it physical that there is a difference in weight class? (On broadcasting) I do various events, but the middle class is advantageous for hanging, and the lightweight class is advantageous for rope riding. It would be nice to divide them into 2-3 weight classes. He commented, “Less than 90kg and more than 90kg like this.”

Through ‘Physical: 100’, it is also a great achievement that many people see athletes again from the perspective of worship. He said, “Since sports is a drama without a script, I wonder if it felt more thrilling and thrilling. Sometimes, there will be times when you feel vicarious satisfaction from the players you cheer for. I think it will be much more fun if the viewers watch with the mindset that I am participating.”

On the other hand, the Korea Mint Corporation, led by coach Jin, is the cradle of Korean wrestling that has nurtured legendary Olympic medalists such as Yang Jeong-mo, Lee Jeong-geun, Bang Dae-doo, and Yang Hyeon-mo. It was disbanded in 1998 in the aftermath of the IMF financial crisis, but was re-founded in 2009, 11 years later. In December of last year, at the ’16th National Wrestling Championships’, he ranked first in the men’s general team event, and swept 4 gold medals and 3 silver medals.

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