‘Perfect blockage of Mitoma’ Man United RB, not shaken by ‘release rumor’

 He performed his best in the ’emission crisis’.

In the 2022-23 season English FA Cup semi-finals held at Wembley Stadium in London, England on the 24th (hereinafter Korean time), Manchester United drew with Brighton and Hove Albion without scoring in the first half and overtime, and won after a bloody penalty shootout (7-6). Manchester United, who advanced to the FA Cup final, competed for the championship cup with Manchester City on June 3.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s performance was impressive. According to the British football statistics media ‘Squawka’, Wan-Bissaka has 2 successful tackles, a 100% (6/6) ground contention success rate, and 7 possession of the ball.메이저사이트

The opponent’s ace was also tied up. He started as a right fullback and blocked Mitoma, the left striker. Equipped with his quick feet and brilliant dribbling, Mitoma is having his best season. He is an ace with 10 goals and 7 assists in 31 matches this season, including cup competitions (England FA Cup, Carabao Cup).

However, on this day, Wan-Bissaka completely blocked it. According to the Norwegian football statistics media ‘Foot Mob’, it recorded a low dribble success rate of 40% (2/5) that day. Brighton, whose ace was blocked, couldn’t score a single goal in the end.

Wan-Bissaka has recently been embroiled in transfer rumors. One-on-one and tackling ability are evaluated as the best in the league. But the attack power is disappointing. Since joining United in 2019, he has recorded just two goals and 11 assists (152 appearances) in all competitions. Local media such as the British media ‘The Athletic’ said, “Director Eric ten Haag is considering selling Wan-Bissaka.”

Despite rumors of a transfer, he seemed to focus on the game. He completely stopped Mitoma and contributed to Manchester United’s FA Cup final. “Wan-Bissaka is the best in the world in one-on-one defense,” Leicester City’s James Madison said in an interview with Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ after the match.

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