Park Min-ji, a ‘domestic wave’, in the LPGA team event? Maintaining world rankings is key

Reporter Kwon Hoon = Fans are interested in whether “domestic group” Park Min-ji (25) will be able to participate in the “Hanwha Life Insurance International Crown,” a national team event on the LPGA tour to be held in San Francisco in May. are leaning

The Hanwha Life International Crown determines the rankings based on team performance, with four players from eight countries competing, and Korea has already confirmed its participation along with the United States, Japan, Sweden, Thailand, England, Australia, and China.

The four players from each country will be determined in the order of world rankings as of April 4. It is one month before the tournament, which opens on May 5th.

If players are selected immediately based on the world rankings as of the 12th, Park Min-ji can participate in the Hanwha Life Insurance International Crown along with Ko Jin-young (28), Jeon In-ji (29), and Kim Hyo-joo (28).

This is because she is ranked 14th, the fourth highest world ranking for a Korean player, after Koh Jin-young in 5th, Jeon In-ji in 8th, and Kim Hyo-joo in 9th.

So far, there has never been a domestic player on the Korean team that competed for the championship, winning the 2018 LPGA Tour International Crown, runner-up in 2016, and tied for 3rd in 2014.

This is because domestic players who mainly play on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour had a harder time accumulating world ranking points than LPGA tour players, making it almost impossible to be included in the top four players in the world rankings.

However, Park Min-ji overcame this disadvantageous position and made her name in the ‘Big 4’ of Korean women’s golf, even creating the possibility of her participation in the Hanwha Life Insurance International Crown.

It is thanks to Park Min-ji’s outstanding performance, sweeping 6 wins, including 2 wins in major tournaments on the KLPGA Tour last year, but he also saw the effect of increasing the number of ranking points given to KLPGA Tour events.

In addition, the fact that the performance of Korean players on the LPGA Tour last year did not meet expectations also played a role.

In order to qualify for the Hanwha Life Insurance International Crown, Park Min-ji must secure the fourth place in the world rankings among Korean players by the end of March. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either.

The KLPGA tour has no competitions until the end of March. There is no opportunity to raise ranking points until April 4, when the participating players are confirmed.

On the other hand, the LPGA Tour holds six tournaments before April.

Choi Hye-jin (24), Kim Se-young (30), and Lee Jeong-eun (27), who are currently behind Park Min-ji in the world rankings, have a chance to overtake Park Min-ji.

However, if Park Min-ji participates in the LPGA Tour HSBC Women’s World Championship held in Singapore in March and wins a top spot, she can earn plenty of world ranking points.

Even if you are not a member of the LPGA Tour, you can participate in the HSBC Women’s World Championship simply by submitting an application form if you are a player within the top 20 in the world rankings. 스포츠토토

Park Min-ji once announced that she would actively participate in LPGA tour events this year, so it is worth considering participating in the HSBC Women’s World Championship in March when there are no domestic tournaments.

In the end, it means that Park Min-ji must be supported by her will and ability to be the first Korean player to participate in the Hanwha Life Insurance International Crown.

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