Other team rookies are doing great… Where is Doosan Bears 1R Choi Jun-ho?

The 2023 season is a rookie blast. Beginning with Yoon Young-cheol joining the starting rotation, rookies such as Kim Min-seok (Lotte), Lee Ro-un (SSG), and Lee Ho-seong (Samsung) are already heating up the first team stage. However, there is no news about Choi Jun-ho (19, Doosan), who was nominated as the 1R by the Doosan Bears, and many fans are curious.

Choi Jun-ho was actually injured. During his medical examination, a stress fracture in his right elbow was discovered, and he underwent adequate rehabilitation and treatment. He has not done any of his pitching in the meantime and has been focusing only on building his body. Then he started his pitching only recently. A Doosan Bears official said, “Currently, I am doing half pitching. His physical condition is looking very good right now.”메이저사이트

At the current pace, the atmosphere at the site is that sooner or later bullpen pitching and second-team games will be possible.

Choi Jun-ho played a major role in helping Bukil High School win the 1st E-Mart Cup last year. He was a Chungcheong area rival with Song Young-jin (SSG), who has been playing a big role recently. He played a big role in winning middle school baseball with Moon Hyun-bin and others during Onyang Middle School. He has a soft pitching form and high RBI. In many ways, it is evaluated that it fits well with Doosan’s style. There is also an evaluation that he has Lee Young-ha’s RBI and Kim Dong-joo’s softness at the same time.

Rumors, not rumors, that last year’s Hanwha Eagles could have nominated him instead of Hyunbin Moon had Choi Jun-ho remained. That’s why it was a good resource.

However, the Doosan Bears have absolutely no intention of making it to the first team early, even if they are rookies in the first round.

A Doosan official said, “Our team does not upload rookies early. It’s because I’ve seen a lot of times when it was put up early and then collapsed. Choi Joon-ho also has a plan to develop calmly from the 2nd team.”

It is expected that it will take quite a long time to see Choi Jun-ho in the first team.

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