Oh Sang-wook “Aim for the gold medal in the individual event in the Asian Games”

 Sang-wook Oh (Daejeon Metropolitan City Hall), the signboard of the Korean fencing men’s saber who came back from an injury hiatus and reached the top at the Grand Prix competition held in Korea, aims to challenge for the gold medal in the individual event at the Asian Games in Hangzhou this fall. revealed

After winning the SK Telecom Seoul Saber Grand Prix men’s event held at the Olympic Park Fencing Stadium (SK Handball Gymnasium) on the 29th, Oh Sang-wook said, “I was disappointed that I didn’t get good results in the first tournament after returning from injury, but thanks to the feedback from my colleagues, I quickly recovered. I was able to do it,” he said. “I am doubly happy with the result by winning this tournament.”

Oh Sang-wook won the championship by defeating Sandro Bajaze (Georgia) 15-14 in the final.

After undergoing surgery for an ankle injury last November, Oh Sang-wook, who returned through the World Cup held in Budapest, Hungary at the end of last month, reached the top of the individual event in his second international tournament.

Oh Sang-wook took the lead in Korea’s victory in the team event after finishing in the top 30 in the individual event at the Budapest World Cup.

He smiled, saying, “I raised my body a lot while playing in the World Cup team competition, and I honed the skills I used in the game by watching videos.”

In particular, Oh Sang-wook defended the pride of the host country by standing on top of the podium again at the Saber Grand Prix held in Seoul for the first time in 4 years since 2019. Among the Korean players that day, Oh Sang-wook was the only one who succeeded in winning the prize.

Oh Sang-wook emphasized, “Rather than thinking about winning a medal, I thought a lot about how to beat the next opponent when I went up each step. So I went to the final and I am happy that I won both the game and the fight with myself without losing my nerves.”

On that day, Oh Sang-wook defeated Arron Shilaji (Hungary), a strong player who won three consecutive Olympic individual titles, 15-6 in the semifinals, and overcame a close match with Bajaze, the current world number one, in the finals.

Oh Sang-wook explained, “Shillaji must have been relieved that I would have been weak after coming back from an injury. Pushing from the beginning was effective.”크크크벳

Regarding the final, he said, “I was a little excited because it didn’t work out the way I wanted. When I reached 14 points first, I put my mind at ease, but it was a mistake to loosen up a little.” But I want to win more clearly next time.”

The fact that Oh Sang-wook, the “ace” of world ranking and world championship winner, came back from injury is a great help to the national team ahead of the Asian Games.

Won Woo-young, coach of the men’s saber national team, said, “It was very difficult to play without Sang-wook. Sang-wook made a lot of effort to recover and return as soon as possible, and I am happy to win this tournament.” I believed he would win.”

Oh Sang-wook said, “My immediate goal is to qualify for the Asian Games individual event, and if I go to the Asian Games, I want to win both the individual and team events. told

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