Oh Jae-won, “I hate the Korean Express”…’Park Chan-ho’s public sniping’ reaction?

Commentator Oh Jae-won, former professional baseball Doosan Bears, is controversial for publicly sniping former player Park Chan-ho of the ‘Korean Express’ in a recent interview.

In an interview with Den magazine, commentator Jaewon Oh talked about why he became a commentator.

In the process, he criticized the subjective expression of professional baseball commentators and openly criticized former player Park Chan-ho’s commentary style.

Looking specifically at it, commentators pointed out that it is too easy to say ‘it was regrettable’ in expressions such as ‘unsatisfactory defense’ and ‘regrettable blow’.

[Oh Jae-won / Professional baseball commentator (Source: YouTube ‘Den Magazine’): Ah~ I was really sorry about that defense” and “Ah~ I was really sorry about the batting right now.

” The expression “when I saw it”, which is said as a premise

, was also strongly criticized with expressions such as “a feast of irresponsible words” and “I really hate that kind of thing.” When something happens, “Oh, that’s when I saw it…” I saw it myself… I really hated the feast of such irresponsible words, the misunderstandings that piled up, and the images that built up in an instant.

[Oh Jae-won / Professional baseball commentator (Source: YouTube ‘Den Magazine’): I want this to be included in the video (not edited),” he said, “I hate the Korean Express so much.” The committee member criticized, “(Commissioner Park Chan-ho as a commentator) came out once or twice and made a fool.”] This can be seen as an expression of

individual likes and dislikes, but the problem comes next.

Commentator Park Chan- ho It’s because of another evaluation right before the public criticism of ”, let’s listen in.

[Oh Jae-won / Professional baseball commentator (Source: YouTube ‘Den Magazine’): I hate Korean Express so much. I hate him so much… what is it. .Now I can talk about it because I am an ordinary person. He is the founder who really brightened our country and coined the word Korean Express, and before that, the whole nation woke up at dawn and cheered for him, and I don’t think he knows how grateful he was. There are not one or two players who have made a fool of themselves by commentating and commenting, and I don’t think I’ve ever taken responsibility for that…]

Baseball fans paid attention to the Hanwha and Doosan match in August 2012, in which Park Chan-ho and Oh Jae-won faced off At that time ,

in the top of the 5th inning, Oh Jae-won’s bat hit his foot and it was a foul, but Park Chan-ho thought it didn’t hit his foot.

The problem is that at the time of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, Park Chan-ho acted as a commentator and introduced an anecdote with Oh Jae-won, expressing himself as “a player who had a hard time remembering” and openly criticizing Oh Jae-won for cheating and making a pair hit a foul.

At the time, player Oh Jae-won complained of regret, saying, “I never did that. I couldn’t sleep after hearing the news.” Some fans captured the video of the game at the time when the ball was hit by Oh Jae-won and sent it to Commissioner Park Chan-ho, and the misunderstanding was resolved. In the final match against Taiwan, Park Chan-ho expressed his apologies메이저사이트, saying, “I think I caused a lot of trouble for my juniors.”

It was generally chilly.

A number of comments were posted stating that their thoughts on Chan-ho Park’s commentary and the fact that Chan-ho Park did not know how to thank the people were irrelevant.

In a word, it is a criticism that has no grounds for criticizing former player Park Chan-ho for not knowing the gratitude of the people for their support.

Commissioner Oh Jae-won, who ended his playing career last year, is currently working as a commentator on TV Sport TV specializing in sports.

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