‘Office worker by day, rugby player by night’ OK Financial Group wins emotional first victory

The OK Financial Group Eatman Rugby Team made a successful debut in the ‘2023 Korea Super Rugby League’ with its first win.

OK Financial Group recorded its first victory in the second edition of the ‘2023 Korea Super Rugby League,’ a rugby festival that concluded at the Namdong Asiad Rugby Stadium in Incheon on Nov. 20, beating the university’s younger brother team, Korea University, 78-12.

After losing 10-67 to Hyundai Globis in the first round of the tournament, OK Financial Group went 0-43 against POSCO E&C. However, after focusing on improving the team’s strength through intense training and mind control for over a month, the team showed a better performance in the second tournament.

The team fought to a 21-24, three-point victory over Hyundai Glovis, which lost by 57 points in the first tournament, and a close 13-18 victory over the Armed Forces Athletic Corps. In the end, the team defeated Korea University to record its first win in five games since its inception.

OK Financial Group’s rugby team aims to be a “developed country sports club” where people can work as office workers during the day and realize their dreams as rugby players after work or on weekends. The absolute amount of training is lower than other unemployed teams.

There were concerns and worries about their performance. However, after focusing on their roles as “workers and athletes,” they won and received the gift of confidence.

Choi Yoon, Chairman of OK Financial Group and President of the Korea Rugby Association, who attended every game, also visited the team after the tournament to encourage them.

“In 2016, we introduced a special recruitment system for rugby players for the first time in the financial sector, hoping to create a virtuous cycle in Korean rugby where our players can continue their dreams as rugby players and play as recognized members of society without worrying about their livelihood,” said Choi Yoon.메이저사이트

“Out of the 44 rugby players who joined the team through the special recruitment program, 28 of them have chosen to pursue a career in business, and I think we have been able to come this far thanks to the 28 players who have been practicing the motto of ‘working rugby players, enjoying rugby while working’,” he said.

Chairman Choi Yoon said, “As I watch you grow with each tournament, I also feel a lot,” adding, “I believe that this rugby league, our first win, has given our players the confidence to say, ‘We too can be leaders in the development of Korean rugby. I hope it will be remembered as a valuable experience, not a regret.”

Han Gumin, captain of the OK Financial Group Rugby Team, said, “It was enough for us to gain confidence that we can do it too if we don’t get nervous and show the skills we have trained without regrets.” “We will continue to train with the belief that we can be leaders in the development of Korean rugby and show our growth in every game,” he vowed.

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