‘Number 90’ only ‘sore finger’, Tottenham fans are excited, “The first 90 minutes of the season are full-time”

 The dream was big, but the wall of reality was high.

England’s promising star Jed Spence has finally been loaned to France’s Ligue 1 star de Rennes. His fate was decided on the 31st (local time), the deadline for the transfer market.

Spence made his nest in Tottenham last summer with Antonio Conte’s 6th signing. He was noticed last season when he promoted Nottingham Forest to the First Division. In addition, in the FA Cup, his outstanding performance against Arsenal and Leicester City of the English Premier League (EPL) increased his value rapidly. 메이저사이트

But fate was harsh. Spence was not the signing Conte wanted. He was the man the club chose for the future. His playing time was only 41 minutes in just 6 matches.

The bib number Spence received from Rennes is a hot topic. After wearing number 24 at Tottenham, he was given number 90 at Rennes.

Fans are arguing over his number 90. Comparing playing time this season, ‘It’s nice to finally see Spence complete 90 minutes full time’, ‘This is the first 90 this season’, ‘Babbon has more time than he played for Tottenham’, ’90 is how many minutes he has played in 6 months It’s about whether you’ve been running for a while,’ etc. Interesting reactions are pouring out.

Tottenham acquired Spence for 20 million pounds (approximately 30.4 billion won) including options. Rennes’ lease does not include a full transfer option.

It’s an opportunity for Spence. Like ‘Baebyeon’, he needs to prove his value anew by increasing his playing time in Rennes.

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