“No Son Heung-min, big pressure on Lee Kang-in…big frustration not to join before Asian Games” Interest in tug-of-war with PSG

Reporter Ban Jin-hyuk= Whether or not Lee Kang-in will make the Asian Games team is of interest to other countries.

The South Korean Asian Games team is aiming to win a third consecutive gold medal in Hangzhou this September, following Incheon 2014 and Jakarta-Palembang 2018.

The team will be coached by Hwang Sun-hong. He is determined to achieve the feat of winning three consecutive titles.

Head coach Hwang Sun-hong has finalized his 23-man roster for the Asian Games. Baek Seung-ho, Park Jin-seop, and Seol Young-woo have been added as wild cards, while K League players such as Song Min-kyu and Uhm Won-sang have been named.

European champions Paris Saint-Germain’s Lee Kang-in, Germany’s Jung Woo-young and Park Kyu-hyun also made the roster.

The biggest question is if and when Lee will join the team.

For Hwang, Lee is an essential resource. His sharp passing and creative play can be a savior for the offense.

After a breakout season in Mallorca, Lee moved to Paris Saint-Germain ahead of this season, but there is a tug-of-war over whether or not he will join the squad for the Asian Games.

PSG are reportedly making a strong bid for Lee to join them for the Asian Games. The talks are said to extend to the Asian Cup next January.

Coach Hwang Sun-hong said, “I am in personal communication with Lee Kang-in. He wants to join as soon as possible.” “PSG and I don’t seem to be able to coordinate the timing. It’s a bit frustrating,” he said.

“I would have liked to join before the group stage. However, PSG is putting forward a lot of conditions. They are referring to the Asian Cup in January and many other occasions. I hope we can reach an agreement quickly,” he said in frustration.온라인카지노

The news of Lee’s participation in the Asian Games was also covered with interest in Malaysia.

“Coach Hwang Sun-hong has expressed his frustration at PSG’s refusal to allow key midfielder Lee Kang-in to join the team just days before the Asian Games,” the Malaysian outlet The Malay Mail reported.

“The absence of Son Heung-min, who led South Korea to gold at the 2018 Asian Games, puts even more pressure on Lee Kang-in.”

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