Nicola Jokic, who summoned Shaquille O’Neal, US media “He is the best passing big man in history. He has unprecedented uniqueness”

 NBA Denver Nuggets absolute ace Nikola Jokic set an unusual record in the Denver-LA Lakers game on the 10th (hereinafter Korean time).

He threw only 5 pitches. Considering that he is the absolute ace of the team, it can be evaluated as ‘passive’ in attack.

By the way, he recorded a triple-double. He recorded 14 points, 11 rebounds and 16 assists. Moreover, his field goal rate was 100%.

After the game, Denver coach Mike Malone praised Jokic for his selfless play. He said in an interview with local media, ‘I’ve seen a lot of players in the league for a long time. An ace can get mad when he takes 5 shots in 35 minutes 메이저사이트. But Nikola doesn’t care whether he shoots 5 or 25. He is a very unique player. He did a triple-double, and I consider him a true selfless superstar,’ he said.

On the 11th, CBS Sports of the United States said, ‘He became the first triple-doubler in NBA history to record more than 15 assists with a 100% field goal rate’ and ‘wrote NBA history once again with a unique stat line’.

Also, ‘Yokichi has already won the NBA MVP twice, but his performance is getting better and better than his last one. He added, ‘He’s a strong MVP candidate this season as well.

CBS Sports said, ‘The combination of passing and scoring efficiency is the most unique of any big man in history. He is undoubtedly the best passing big man in NBA history,” and said, “The field goal rate this season is 61.6%. You can compare him to Shaquille O’Neal, Kevin McHale, and Zion Williamson. However, Jokic also averages 10.8 rebounds. So far, it’s like O’Neill. However, considering his assists (average 9.7), Jokic’s uniqueness shines through.’

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