‘New challenge’ Heon Kiwoom, “There is no guaranteed position” Why?

A new wind blows to Kiwoom Heroes, who are taking on a new challenge in the 2023 season. There is no clear starter or guaranteed spot. It is a determination to achieve the long-cherished Korean Series victory by strengthening tip depth and power through infinite competition.

The Hero Corps, which showed off its potential baseball by winning runner-up in the Korean Series last year, departed for Arizona, USA, the spring camp training site, through Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 on the afternoon of the 29th of last month. Kiwoom Heroes coach Hong Won-ki, whom I met on the day of departure, picked ‘new challenge’ as the catchphrase for the 2023 season, and also predicted a new all-season.

To this end, Kiwoom broke away from the traditional method of dividing spring camp into first-team camp and futures camp. The spring camp is scheduled to be played in two ways: the Arizona camp in the US, which focuses on technical training, and the Kaohsiung camp in Taiwan, which focuses on actual matches. The US camp mainly consisted of first-team players, but the Taiwanese camp also included a number of key players who are likely to join the opening entry immediately.

Director Hong Won-ki explained, “In the meantime, we have broken the concept of off-season training and have not divided the 1st team and the Futures, but have been divided into the US camp and the Taiwanese camp while setting the direction according to the plan to suit the environment.”

It is a decision based on difference, not discrimination on location or situation. Coach Hong said, “The US camp feels the need for procedures such as improving the condition of newly recruited players and checking their skills.” There is a purpose to quickly raise the pace mainly,” he explained.

Prior to the new season, there are tasks such as overhauling the starting rotation, changing bullpen positions, and arranging traffic for some positions in the infield and outfield. For this, coach Hong emphasized ‘new challenges’ and ‘competitive structure’ in spring camp.

Coach Hong said, “I personally talked about everything through interviews with the players, but nothing has been set.” that,” he explained.

Therefore, there is no solid starting position except for some positions. Director Hong said, “I think everyone except center line Lee Jeong-hoo, Russell, Kim Hye-seong and right fielder Lee Hyeong-jong are entering into a competitive system,” adding, “It is the same with pitchers. Ahn Woo-jin achieved very good results last year, but since we do not know what other variables will arise this year, I think the order will be to make a plan through various simulations and prepare accordingly.”

In the end, in order to win the Korean Series, it is judged that it is necessary to finish the regular season with a higher rank through enhanced depth. Coach Hong said, “I think (this camp) can be seen as a preparation process to reduce the gap by discovering players who can replace the player when a situation arises.” He revealed his goal for this season, saying, “I have always felt that taking PS from above is advantageous for achieving good results, so I think it would be better to prepare for a higher place in the regular season as well.” 온라인카지노

The goal of the Taiwan Camp led by Seol Jong-jin Kiwoom Futures is the same. Coach Seol Jong-jin said, “The players will play individual matches. From there, the goal is to raise the sense of practice and condition as quickly as possible,” he said. “Last year, the young players entered the first team and gained experience is a positive factor, but this year they must be reborn as the team’s strength. That will make the whole team healthy.”

To this end, the US and Taiwanese camps are planning to move like a united organism. Coach Seol said, “I will work closely with the coaching staff of the American camp led by coach Hong Won-ki to support the team in Taiwan so that the first team, the futures, and the two camps can move together as one.”

As such, the goal of Kiwoom’s spring camp is clear. The long-term process is also important, but this year, the plan is to create a strong team that will challenge the competition for the Korean Series while meeting the task. And if these goals of the hero corps are achieved well, we are expected to see the heroes stronger than last year.

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