NBA discusses tougher penalties for intentional falls

The NBA is discussing immediate penalties for flopping.

“According to The Athletic’s Shams Carania, the NBA is considering immediate penalties for intentional falls in games.

While details are still scarce, the league is already using video replay for some of the more sensitive cases. Each team is allowed to use it once, but referees have the discretion to use replay to make a decision if the call is ambiguous. Flops will also be dealt with immediately.

Based on what we know so far, if a flop is confirmed during the game, the opponent will be awarded a free throw. Giving away a free hand means that a technical foul will be called. Two technical fouls in a match will result in an ejection, so it makes much more sense to give a player a chance to get out of the game than to give them a chance to add a point with a free throw.

Obviously, it can be a huge factor in the game. It can change the momentum of the game. Not only can the simple loss of a point be a big deal, but it can also lead to a technical foul on the flop if the player protesting the call gets a technical foul on the flop. A technical foul on the flop can change the course of the game.메이저사이트

Even in the NBA, some players have gotten away with intentional falls. Marcus Smart (Boston) and Kyle Lowry (Miami) are two examples, although they’ve gotten better in recent years. Chris Paul (Phoenix) is no exception, and LeBron James (Lakers) has had some big falls this playoffs. Conversely, a flop by a player who is wide open for a technical foul can be a boomerang later on.

Typically, the NBA has two or more years to prepare for a rule change. For example, the league would first implement the discussed changes in the G-League before deciding whether to bring them back to the NBA at a later date. This time, however, the league is reportedly considering a trial run in Summer League this summer. If it works well, it could be implemented as early as the upcoming 2023-2024 season.

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