Napoli’s ‘big mistake’… Kim Min-jae buyout ‘only (?) 67 billion won’

The biggest mistake of SSC Napoli (Napoli) is that they did not properly measure Kim Min-jae’s potential. He knew he would do well, but he didn’t expect it to be this good.

Currently, Kim Min-jae is involved in transfer rumors with big clubs including Manchester United. According to many Italian media outlets, Napoli has set 50 million euros as a buyout for Kim Min-jae. It is an amount equivalent to approximately 67 billion won in Hanwha, but it has become difficult to keep Kim Min-jae at this level.

Kim Min-jae is one of the best defenders in Italian Serie A. Kim Min-jae is cited as one of the driving forces behind Napoli’s unrivaled 1st place this season. From build-up to build-up and defense to defense, Kim Min-jae boasts his capabilities as a ‘complete center back’ without any flaws. This is Kim Min-jae, who recently broke the ‘Serie A single match pass record’.

If you look at the amount that English Premier League (EPL) clubs spend betting on a player they like, the buyout hanging on Kim Min-jae is virtually unknown. They have about 50 million euros ready to take out at any time. Aurelio De Laurentis, the owner of Napoli, repeatedly said that it would work well from the time he recruited Kim Min-jae, but it can be seen that he did not expect even that to be lacking with the buyout set. 안전놀이터

Italian transfer market expert Gianluca di Marzio also commented on Kim Min-jae’s buyout.

“The clause to cancel Kim’s transfer is 50 million euros. It is a valid clause against foreign clubs in the coming summer. Napoli are trying to renew Kim’s contract. Given the number moving around in the EPL, 50 million euros may be low. “

Experts who have watched the European transfer market for a very long time also think that the buyout for Kim Min-jae is low. Napoli is bound to be in a disappointing situation. Now I have to enter the stage where I have to convince Kim Min-jae. Not only this season, but in the position of building a long-term team, you can’t help but want to miss Kim Min-jae, a key member.

Meanwhile, Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti is confident that Kim Min-jae will stay. This is because Kim Min-jae is thinking that he is satisfied with his position in the team and his life in Naples. It is noteworthy what decision Kim Min-jae will make in the first half of this year.

Depending on what decision he makes, the options between Napoli and Europe’s big clubs will fluctuate.

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