Naples super bad news, Osimen Gate exploded… ‘suspicion of financial corruption’

A major bad news broke out for Napoli, which was driven to the brink of being eliminated from the Champions League. Suspicion of an illegal transaction arose in the process of recruiting leading striker Victor Osimen (24).

Italy’s La Republaca reported that “Italian financial authorities have reopened an investigation into Serie A Napoli’s financial corruption.” On the 12th and 13th, a number of Italian media outlets and Britain’s cited it.

According to the media, the Italian Prosecutor’s Office said that it obtained data on the player Claudio Manzi by investigating the Turis team of Serie C.메이저사이트

In September 2020, Napoli signed Osimen from Lille. At this time, Manchi was included in the Osimen transaction and transferred for 4 million euros (5.8 billion won).

Manch was an unknown player in the youth team at the time, but he did not move to Lille. He was loaned to the Serie C team Fermana. After just one year he was released from Fermana and transferred to Turis.

There are three more: Luigi Liguori, Ciro Palmieri, and Orestis Carnezis. They were sold to Lille for 4 million euros (5.8 billion won), 7 million euros (10 billion won), and 5 million euros (7.2 billion won), respectively, dozens of times the market value, but all four, including Manchi, never ran properly Napoli is under suspicion of ‘exploitation’ by intentionally inflating the transaction amount.

Initially, the investigation in Naples was terminated due to insufficient evidence, but as new information comes out this time, the investigation will be reinvestigated for several weeks. faced a new phase. In this regard, Turis claimed innocence through official channels.

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